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What are Preferred Points?

A common question Club Caribe members have is how to use your Preferred Points and what advantages they bring.

What are Preferred Points?

Preferred Points are “free” points given to Club Caribe members in addition to their purchased Club Caribe points. No matter what membership level you buy, your Preferred Points equate to double your annual points allocation per year (which for most full members equates to two full weeks). These extra points are issued every year to be used during the months of May through October (weeks 18 – 43) in any of the resorts offered by your Club Caribe membership. The Preferred Points program is a privilege given to members during the summer months, all you have to do is pay the pro-rated maintenance fees and you have gained extra vacation time at your home away from home.

Advantages of Preferred Points

The great thing about Preferred Points is that you are not responsible for their maintenance fees if you do not use them, yet you can call upon those points when it is convenient for you and your family to enjoy extra vacation time. You simply pay the pro-rated maintenance fees for the points you activate.

These privilege points can also be used together with Club Caribe points to upgrade a unit during weeks 18 – 43 so long as your upgrade request is made 60 days or less before your planned arrival date. Preferred Points reservations are valid for bookings up to 12 months in advance and are subject to availability. Another great thing about Club Caribe Preferred Points is that they can be traded for exchanges through Interval International as full weeks and banked for up to two years as high season weeks, although these points cannot be banked or borrowed through Club Caribe.

Points to Remember

  • Preferred Points can only be used during the months of May through October.
  • You only pay the maintenance fees for the Preferred Points that you wish to use.
  • These points are in addition to your original purchase, whose maintenance fees are obligatory regardless of your usage.
  • Your Preferred Points at Club Caribe can’t be used by friends, family or renters, as they are an exclusive benefit of contract owners. A reservation booked with Preferred Points must be made under the name of a contract owner (subject to availability)



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