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New Chefs Ignite Menus with Passion

Delectable gourmet dining is one of the privileges of vacation ownership at Club Caribe. To ensure your taste buds continue to be inspired each time you arrive, Villa del Palmar Cancun is excited to welcome two new chefs to lead the the culinary artistry that takes place at Davino restaurant and Hiroshi. Meet Italian gastronome Fulvio Ferretto and Mexican sushi connoisseur, Carlos Leyva.

Mediterranean Aromas and Charisma

Davino restaurant will dance to the tune of Italy’s finer flavors under the inspiration of Genova-born Fulivo Ferretto who compares his cuisine to great music. Like notes and tempos, recipes and ingredients may be the same but it is the abstract element of a chef’s special touch that creates melodious dishes that sing on the tongue.

Indeed, dining at Davino promises to be a sensory experience as Fulvio takes care of the details that for him mark the difference between a good Mediterranean meal and a superb one – artisan bread, homemade pasta, garden-fresh ingredients and the subtle dance of aromas. Innovating European traditions is his guiding theme.

Club Caribe members are sure to perceive both the passion and extensive expertise of our new chef who brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most exclusive hotels, including the Dorchester in London and the Monte Carlo in Paris where he trained, the Excelsior Palace in Portofino, Italy and Hotel Sottovento, Italy as well as his time as corporate chef overseeing standards and quality at the celebrated Alfredo di Roma chain of restaurants in Mexico.

Passion, Humility and Avant-Garde Preparation

La Paz-born, Carlos Leyva brings his visual artistry and intuitive personal touch to luxury Pan Asian dining at Hiroshi. With years of extensive culinary experience as chef at Nick San in Cabo San Lucas where he prepared dishes for the likes of Bono, Jennifer Aniston and Michael Jordan, Leyva shares his talents and delicacy at Hiroshi to craft local ingredients under the influence of cutting-edge techniques and Pan Asian traditions.

Leyva’s culinary philosophy aims for the blending of simplicity, minimalism and powerful flavors that harmonize on the palate without competition. His new signature dishes include a tuna tartar, exquisitely layered with a variety of textures and flavors, options that include roasted grasshoppers (which are a delicacy in some parts of Mexico) and octopus carpaccio.

What characterizes his kitchen most is his attention to detail and experimentation with flavors in accordance with the tastes and preferences of his diners. For Leyva, the menu is just the point of departure; his opentable approach seeks to discover what his diners truly want in order to transcend their expectations with a tailored gourmet experience. Club Caribe members should add meeting Hiroshi’s new chef to the vacation to do list!