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New Restaurant is Star of the Show

Club Caribe at Villa del Palmar Cancun is excited to announce the opening of its newest and most entertaining dining venue, Caprichos: World Cuisine & More. Showcasing an appetizing range of world cuisine in its gourmet buffet selection, Caprichos is set to satisfy your favorite food cravings as you enjoy the best evening entertainment and shows the resort has to offer.

A Tasty Medley

Caprichos presents a delicious buffet dinner every night including dishes from around the world that are freshly prepared and cooked by Villa del Palmar Cancun’s dedicated chefs. Serving you with a smile, there is no need for a reservation and no formal dress code, making Caprichos the ideal choice for all the family.

The elegant yet comfortable design of our largest dining venue is inviting, providing ample seating for large parties as well as areas for more intimate dining. In the evenings, you will find that Caprichos is one of the main locations for resort entertainment and shows, where you can either dine while the show takes place or take a seat in the audience with a cocktail or two. Just tell the waiters when you arrive if you will be dining and they will find you a great spot.

Family Entertainment

Caprichos has both a stage and cutting-edge sound equipment, providing a professional venue for the shows offered by the resort. To find out the show schedule for Caprichos, check out the program on the pool deck when you first arrive. You will also find that on certain special theme nights, the cuisine at Caprichos complements the show with fitting dishes, for example the Cuban fare to accompany the Cuban Night.