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Tikin Xic Fish at Zamá

Tikin Xic, pronounced teekeen sheek, is a Yucatec Mayan delicacy famed throughout the Yucatan peninsula and served in style at Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Zamá restaurant. Its distinguishing red-orange color results from a delicious marinade of achiote (annatto) and sour oranges and is often cooked in or served on a banana leaf.

You can try this yummy dish at Zamá any night of the week next time you use your Club Caribe membership at Villa del Palmar Cancun, or indeed try cooking it for yourself when you get home following our chef’s easy to follow recipe.



180g Red Snapper fillet (could also use Grouper or Mero)

125g Cooked white rice

100ml Sour orange juice

100g Red onion

50g Plumb tomatoes

35g Achiote (Annatto)

20g Red pepper

20g Green pepper

20g Cabbage

10g Banana leaf

5g Lemon

5g Vegetable oil

4 Garlic cloves


White Pepper



Cut the red pepper, green pepper and tomato into slices and put to one side with one generous slice of red onion. Cut and liquify the remaining onion with the sour orange juice, garlic, salt, pepper and achiote, then pour over the fish leaving it to marinate for 30 minutes.

Chop the white cabbage into thin slices and marinate with salt, lemon juice and pepper, and then put to one side. Add a little oil to a pan and fry the previously sliced peppers, tomato and onion together. Cook the fish on a grill or a nonstick skillet and put the remaining marinade to boil until it reduces, then set aside.



Place a banana leaf on a large plate and add a base of rice, then the fish with the grilled vegetables stacked like a tower, finishing with the marinated cabbage on top. Decorate the plate with the reduced marinade from the fish.

And there you have it! A Yucatecan fish dish to impress your friends at home.