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Club Caribe Membership to Escape Winter

As the warm fuzzy feeling of the holidays wears off and the chill of winter sets in, it’s only natural to feel a longing for the brighter signs of spring. At the beginning, the holiday spirit keeps us going but, as the Christmas trees disappear and the candles of the Menorah burn out, we are left with the piles of muddy slush and frostbitten cheeks to remind us of the cold winter days that still lie ahead.

Unfortunately, in the US and Canada the frosty temperatures drag on and the dog days of summer seem like nothing but a distant memory. For this and so many other reasons, hundreds of thousands of UV-deprived northerners dream of heading south to Cancun in search of the warmth and sunshine of a Mexican vacation.

In Cancun, visitors trade in their seasonal depression for jubilant nights on the strip and euphoric days under the golden sun. Imagine a time when instead of pulling the covers over your head each morning, dreading the start of another gloomy day, you could wake up to the warmth of the sun’s rays pouring through the window. Instead of shoveling the knee-deep snow that covers the path to your iced-over car, you could bury your toes in the soft white sands of the endless beaches that stretch along the Caribbean coast. And instead of listening to the sound of ice cracking under your feet, you could fall asleep to the rhythm of the waves gently crashing on the shore outside your balcony door. Aren’t you glad you have your Club Caribe membership?

While visiting this tropical dreamland, one can’t help but notice the gleaming smiles on the faces of the locals and the uplifted spirits of others like you who have made Cancun their home away from home. It is no coincidence that people who live under the constant blessing of the sun consider themselves among the happiest in the world. There isn’t much to be bitter about when sweeping vistas of turquoise blue waters and the swaying leaves of the palms lie along the horizon.

Without a doubt, the rejuvenating qualities of life in the tropics will work wonders on your soul and the harsh weather won’t seem so bad when divided in two by a sun-filled vacation.