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Stand Up Paddleboarding for Mind, Body and Soul

Years ago, few people had even heard about Stand-Up Paddleboarding, let alone set out to try it for themselves. Nowadays though, millions of people are taking to the oceans and lakes for a chance to surf the waves and enjoy the water, all while getting a low-impact full-body workout. While the euphoric effect of heading out on the open seas for a fun filled day in the sun makes SUP (stand up paddleboarding) an attractive pastime for people of all ages, it’s the numerous health benefits that come with the sport that make it the ultimate outdoor activity. From rigorous workouts to improved cardiovascular health, there are a myriad of reasons to give the relatively new sport a try next time you use your Club Caribe membership to stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Physical Well-being

It’s no secret that professional stand up paddleboarders are in great shape. Typically they are not only toned from head to toe, but they have great stamina and endurance and can maintain incredible balance. And for good reason: paddleboarding is a sport that works with all facets of the human body, including the arms, shoulders, core muscles, and a balanced lower body. When heading out on the water, paddleboarders can expect to engage in an intense workout as they try to keep upright and ride out the ocean’s waves. Whether you choose to take a relaxing ride on calm waters like Cancun’s Caribbean Sea or head out for a high intensity session, there is no doubt that you’ll feel the physical benefits long after you touch land. Over time, SUP will greatly improve your overall physical well-being and leave you with lean, toned muscles.

Cardiovascular Health

Engaging in any physical activity is bound to keep your heart in better shape, and stand up paddleboarding is no different. As you push yourself across the water in a constant motion, you’re not only working your core muscles, but you’re also working your heart, the most complex muscle in your body. Advanced cardiovascular health can lead to decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, joint issues and a myriad of other health problems.

Soothing Your Social Soul

For many people, SUP is an opportunity to spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones. At Villa del Palmar Cancun, this sport can be practiced individually or in groups, adding a social element that can be both competitive and fun.  As each of you grab a board and paddle out, you’ll notice a sense of bonding that is hard to achieve elsewhere. Whether riding out with your kids, gliding alongside a loved one, or engaging in a competitive race with a longtime friend, you’ll be sure to find that SUP at Villa del Palmar Cancun helps sooth your social soul.

A Form of Stress Release

It could be the positive energy released during the full-body workout or simply a psychological reaction to spending time on the open water; whatever the case, SUP has proven to be a great stress reliever for those who need a little less tension in their lives. Any workout, regardless of how demanding it is, helps reduce stress, but SUP offers some undeniable added benefits. First of all, you can’t tote along your laptop and cell phone while paddleboarding, so it is easy to leave the reminders of your chaotic life behind. It’s also hard to focus on the negative while gliding across the top of pristine waters, enjoying the beauty of being one with nature and letting the waves wash your worries away.

For many, SUP is the top way to release the tension of a stressful, chaotic life. While some simply like to lose track of time while gliding atop the water, others seek out small waves that are both entertaining and demanding. There are even more who take SUP to a whole new level by combining the invigorating sport with yoga and meditation. At Villa Del Palmar Cancun, our new yoga guru, Ana Bolio, has made SUP Yoga an integral part of the resort’s wellness initiative. Every Sunday for a small charge, you can learn various SUP Yoga techniques with Bolio, a yoga guru who hopes to “inspire peace, health and harmony” in everything she does.

So, next time you visit, grab a paddleboard from the activities’ hut and see what all the fuss is about!