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Happiness is Here & Now – 2015 Club Caribe Annual Meeting

It is time to celebrate the present moment, finding happiness here and now, by joining other like-minded Club Caribe members at your 2015 Club Caribe Annual Meeting that is to take place from May 6th to 7th, 2015 at Villa del Palmar Cancun. This year’s annual meeting invites you to embrace the peace and tranquility to be found at Villa del Palmar Cancun with a series of events that are set to balance your mind, body and spirit, where you can also learn the latest about your club benefits and programs.

The two-day event program is free to all members, although advanced registration is required, and you are encouraged to make your reservations for accommodation as soon as possible. You can enjoy a range of soul-inspiring activities including meditation, yoga, and an icebreaker cocktail party in addition to the general members’ meeting, roundtable one-on-one discussions and a question and answer session with the management team. The event will end with a special dinner party and show, “An Evening at the Taj Mahal,” where you can kick back and enjoy a medley of upbeat and colorful Bollywood dances and music.

The annual meeting is a chance for you to have your voice and take an active part in the development of your membership. For more information and to make your registration, click here.