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How to Get the Best Vacation with Your Club Points

Have you taken the time recently to consider how you might use your Club Caribe points to your best advantage? Did you know that your club points offer you a variety of ways to enjoy a vacation in Mexico? How about a family bonding vacation in a luxury resort of your choice or a raucous time with your closest friends? Or perhaps some soul searching alone in a tranquil beach resort or a romantic getaway with that special person?

With a single membership, you can experience various types of vacation every year, each one boasting a different flavor to the last. Let’s take a quick look at 5 truly exciting vacations you can experience with just 2550 club points or less. (Haven’t got 2550 points? Don’t forget your Preferred Points or the option to borrow?)


1)  Family Vacation in a One Bedroom Suite

A perfect vacation for the whole family is what awaits you in Cancun, Mexico. You need a mere 2,550 points and presto, you’ll be basking in a plush accommodation fit for you and your dear ones. Enjoy the comfort of staying in a One Bedroom Suite for an entertaining week at Villa del Palmar Cancun where you know the facilities are amazing and the sun shines every day. Expect an elegant stay for up to 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children in a unit that makes you feel like you have arrived home. The suite is furnished with a separate en-suite bedroom and a comfortable Murphy bed in the living room, full kitchen, dining area and a balcony with a hammock. You are guaranteed quality time with your family where comfort and space is the key.


2)  Chic Romance for Contemporary Lovebirds

How about celebrating your anniversary in Puerto Vallarta with an unforgettable love escapade with your better half. With only 1,280 points, a weekend getaway at Hotel Mousai is a dream tryst for any two loving hearts. Watch romantic sunsets followed by moonsets at dawn over the vast ocean with a bottle of red wine while indulging in your jetted hot tub on the private Mousai Suite balcony. At just 1,280 points, you could repeat a romantic escape more than once a year or put the remaining points towards a delectable meal plan applying the Points Redemption Program. A Hotel Mousai getaway is a treat that will cement any solid love commitment.

  1.  Summer Getaways with BFFs in a Three Bedroom Suite

A few days away in Mexico with your best loved friends can be a blast. Reminisce the past where you would vacation with your pals before kids and responsibilities arrived. With your Club Caribe membership, you can maximize your points for one memorable summer with your best friends together with your respective partners. Stay in a 3 Bedroom Beachfront unit at Garza Blanca Preserve and spend 4 nights and 5 days in one of the most popular beach resorts on the Pacific Coast. Reserve during the weekdays, from Tuesday to Friday and have that luxurious experience for less than 2,550, or use your Preferred Points to stay longer (applicable from May through October).


4)  Treat your In-Laws with Separate Units

Treat your in-laws to an idyllic resort getaway without having to share a suite. It’s time to polish your reputation as a good son- or daughter-in-law. No need for living in each other’s pockets, reserve two separate Beachfront Studios at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa using 1,114 points per unit this coming summer and you will spend only 2,228 club points. Each Beachfront studio can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children under 12 or 3 adults, so there’s room for the kids too, with club points left over.

5)  Regular Mini-Breaks for Busy People

Last but not the least, this last option is for those members who still have a long way to go until retirement and who want to relax away from the hassles and work stress of everyday without taking such a long vacation. You can have multiple vacations throughout the year in the destinations of your choice, taking advantage of the low seasons and midweek getaways to optimize the number of short breaks you can take. Travel in summer and you can also use your Preferred Points for an extra mini-break.

So, be sure to take a moment to think about how you can maximize and customize your Club Caribe membership to match your vacation needs. Your membership is designed to give you the flexibility you need to tailor your own vacations. Don’t forget, you can always combine Preferred Points where possible as well as bank and borrow points for special occasions.