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Deposit Your Preferred Points in Your Exchange Company (RCI)

Another way to use Preferred Points is by depositing them with your exchange company (RCI), and then using them to make reservations through RCI. If you would like to deposit your Preferred Points with RCI, you may do so up to 12 months ahead of the time you plan to travel. In order to deposit Preferred Points with RCI, you must need to contact Resort Com and request a deposit. When you deposit your Preferred Points with RCI, you will need to pay a full week maintenance fee. RCI will convert your Preferred Points to RCI Credits, which is the currency that RCI uses for reservations. Your RCI Credits will be saved for up to two years from the date you deposit them, so you can use them to make a reservation any time in that period. You can make reservations in any season through RCI, and you may also make reservations in the names of  friends or family with RCI Credits.  

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Preferred Points

Preferred Points are additional points that you have the option of using during the summer months from weeks 18 to 43 (May to October) in addition to the points that you own. For most members, these points equate to two full weeks. The great thing about these points is that they are a gift in addition to your annual Club Points allocation; to use them you just have to pay for the prorated maintenance fees for the points you choose to use. Simple! It might therefore be easier to see these points as your “optional” points as this benefit is there for you to use or not, as you wish. When you use your Preferred Points, you will pay the according maintenance fees for the points that you use, no more, no less! And if you don’t use them, no worries. They do not cost you a penny. Although you cannot bank or borrow your Preferred Points from one year to the next, you will be issued with a new lot of Preferred Points each …

Member Testimonials – The Ringers

Over the years, the faces of our members become familiar, memories are shared, and their stories become our own. They are truly part of the extended Club family.  We are proud to provide unique vacation experiences, and are so appreciative when members take the time to share their positive experiences with others through online reviews. This month we introduce you to Elite Members Shep and Bonnie Ringer. The Ringers are among our biggest fans, frequently visit all the TAFER properties, and are regular attendees of the annual Member Meeting. Shep Ringer also participates on the TAFER Member Advisory Committee. Both he and Bonnie critique their experiences and offer suggestions regarding new benefits, services, programs, menu suggestions and other ideas relevant to all members.   In January, they were thrilled to visit the brand new Garza Blanca Los Cabos. “We’ve been anticipating the grand opening of this new resort for a while now, crossing our fingers that it would open in time for us. We had no idea of the welcome we were to receive, or …

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Are You Interested in Being Part of the Tafer Member Advisory Committee (MAC)?

The role of the TAFER Member Advisory Committee (MAC) is to serve in an advisory capacity to TAFER Resorts and UVCI, your Club managers.  The MAC provides ideas and recommendations for programs, services and amenities, resort enhancement, and member services, both offsite and on property. Over the years many MAC suggestions have been implemented for the benefit of members and guests visiting the resorts.   There is no reimbursement or compensation for travel costs, rooms or other expenses. However, MAC members find that participation on the committee is very rewarding as it allows them to connect to others with similar interests, strengthen the membership community, develop friendships, and get to know resort and Club management on a personal level. To date, committee members have been selected from Club Caribe/Villa del Palmar Cancun and Garza Blanca Residence Club, and appointed by the Board.  As the overall membership in TAFER resorts has grown, a more structured procedure is now needed. To that end, within the next year we will be initiating a formalized process to introduce new …

Use Point Redemption

Use Point Redemption to Book Your Meal Plan in Los Cabos

Use your club points to pay for up to 60% of services at the resort and your meal plan when you stay with us at Garza Blanca Los Cabos! In addition to booking accommodations, members can use their points instead of cash when purchasing meals and hotel extras.   Enjoy more choices, and add more luxury and flexibility to your stay! Ask one of our agents how you can redeem your points for services at the time of booking.  For example, you can use them for things like the all-inclusive meal plans, flower arrangements, private chef services, and more. Choose the product or services you wish to reserve! (Prices vary per product, service, and by the resort.) You can pay up to 60% of the cost with your points, and the remaining 40% in cash. Do you have unused points? They can also be used to pay for either your meal plan or your services up to 60% of the cost. You will only pay the remaining 40% in cash. You can also use banked …

Los Cabos Units: Points Chart Per Day

Los Cabos Units: Points Chart Per Day

Use your points to travel to Los Cabos! One of the best things about being a member of Garza Blanca Residence Club is that you can use your points to travel to other destinations such as Cancun or the brand new Garza Blanca Los Cabos. We have created a handy online chart that shows how many points are needed to stay at the different properties. Click on the link below and scroll down to the CLUB POINTS PLAN chart. Click the tabs for points charts for Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta, Villa Del Palmar Cancun, or Garza Blanca Los Cabos. You can view the points required per day or per week for each different kind of unit.    

Why You Should Upgrade From a Biennial to an Annual Contract

There is no doubt about it, the more points you own, the greater flexibility you will have to stay in the types of suites you love best and to stay as long as you wish.  The great news is that you have a number of options available when you upgrade to an annual contract: Borrowing, Accelerating, and Banking. Borrowing When upgrading your membership is not an option for you at the time, the most obvious choice you have is to borrow points from future years to cover your reservation. Members with Annual membership will be able to borrow a full year’s allotment of Club points for up to 5 successive calendar years in advance for use in the current calendar year. All you have to do is pay for the maintenance fees. Biennial members can borrow from their next use year’s allocation. Remember that borrowed points may not be used during the holiday seasons unless you are an Elite member. Acceleration Acceleration is when you use points from the back end of your membership. This …

Benefits of Your Membership

As a valued Club Caribe member, you can always expect a host of incredible benefits and privileges. Preferential Reservations Preferential reservations to Villa del Palmar Cancun, Villa del Mar/Palmar PV, Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Palmar Flamingos Nuevo Vallarta, Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Palmar Loreto, Garza Blanca Preserve and any other existing or future Club Caribe and Garza Blanca Resort. Also, as a Club Caribe Member, you are entitled to a 24-month booking window! We always recommend you take advantage of this benefit for high-demand seasons and destinations. Interval International Membership Exchange benefits to more than 3,000 resorts around the world, exclusive publications and II website access. (This is a one-year pre-paid membership; subsequent years can be renewed directly by the member.) Visit or call 800-634-3415 for more information about this amazing benefit.   Preferred Time/Points Use Take a long weekend or a mid-week escape. Any time during weeks 18 through 43 (May through October), Club Caribe Members may use additional points equal to the number of …

Maintenance Fees – What You Need to Know

Maintenance fees are necessary to ensure the high quality and conditions of the luxury resort facilities and accommodations at Villa del Palmar Cancun so they remain as elegant and as incredible as the day you made your purchase. Committed to excellence, Villa del Palmar Cancun are dedicated to maintaining the standards of the stunning properties and services for you to enjoy year after year. All you need to do is to make sure you are up to date with your assessment payments.   Paying your maintenance fees on time is your way of contributing to the essential task of dealing with repairs, improvements and the general upkeep of the resorts and units, with the aim to continue to offer the highest quality vacation experiences to all members who are up to date with their fees. Remember that timely payments are the personal obligation of each member regardless of your use of the property and you could incur penalties or interest for late payments. If in doubt, go to to view your account history and …


Beware Scams – Checklist for New and Seasoned Members

If you already own a timeshare, or you are thinking of buying a Villa del Palmar timeshare in the near future we would urge you to be careful; in recent months reported cases of fraudsters targeting reputable companies such as the Villa del Palmar have risen. The increase is most accounted for by scammers who are targeting new buyers and vacation club owners looking to make money from their memberships (though there are some exceptions).   This is why we have brought together all you need to know about the most common scams here in this article:   Rental Agency Scams If you wish to earn an income from renting your timeshare then please be aware that there are scammers out there who will seek to take advantage of this. Some scammers will set themselves up as rental agency agents and charge an upfront fee to manage potential renters. If you want to avoid being scammed we recommend that you go with a well-known agency or choose an agency that charges commission rather than upfront …