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Bank Your Points by Halloween

When the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, it’s not only the last chance for ghouls and witches to find a hiding place until next year but also your deadline for banking any unused club points. Remember that October 31st is the last date to bank your points to use in following years. Being able to bank your points is just one of the awesome benefits you have as a Club Caribe member, since you can use these points for a lot of things with the Points Redemption program not just towards accommodation.


Banking Points

If you are a full Club Caribe member then remember you can bank your points for up to FIVE years! Did you know that banking can help you enjoy no end of choices? You can upgrade your type of unit in any season except Holiday weeks; you can come for longer stays; you could even allow other family members or friends use your points (one great benefit of banked points is that they are not restricted to owners-only usage).

If you are one of our biennial members, remember you can bank your points until the following usage year, so you can come on that year and enjoy a longer vacation with your loved ones. You could also save them for that year to splurge and take two or more separate vacations in paradise!

What to do if your banked points are about to expire?

If you have been banking your points and have some that are about to expire, don’t worry! Now you can use all of your banked points towards the Point Redemption Program. You might choose to pre-pay an all-inclusive meal plan for you and your family, so you can enjoy all the restaurants and of course some snacks by the pool! Or how about some pampering spa services to get you in the mood for relaxation as soon as you arrive on vacation. Again, your options are endless!
So, don’t miss banking your points this year, call Member Services on 1-866-668-9261 and bank any leftover points you may have before October 31st, so they can be rolled over without any cost.