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Banking Club Points – A Club Caribe Advantage

At Club Caribe, we hope you’ve had a fantastic year so far; one in which you have either already been on an incredible vacation or have one planned in the very near future.  While we’d love to see you at one of our resorts anytime throughout the year, we understand that sometimes life’s ups and downs make it difficult to take a much needed vacation.  If you haven’t been able to use your club points this year to visit Villa del Palmar Cancun or any of our sister resorts, make sure to bank your points before the end of October so that you don’t lose them.  

The option to bank your club points is one of the greatest advantages of being a Club Caribe member.  Not only does it ensure that unused points don’t go to waste, but it allows you to use a greater amount of points in the future for longer stays, upgraded suites and even to prepay for services through the Points Redemption Program.  Instead of taking a vacation one week at a time, bank your points and then use the accumulated amount to reserve a multiple week vacation during your next use year.
This option also makes it possible to try out a variety of upgraded suites, such as our two-bedroom unit, perfect for vacations with more family and friends, or for a Residential Loft that adds the perfect touch of romanticism to any typical vacation.  Banked points can also be used towards purchases of any number of amenities and services through our Points Redemption Program.

Banking your points is a great way to ensure you make the most of your Club Caribe membership.  It allows you the freedom to travel when you want and how you want.  You can even use your banked points to take multiple vacations throughout the year, which works out great if you want to travel during the summer months and again in the winter. Just remember banked points cannot be used during holiday weeks, so make sure to schedule your vacations accordingly.  

Banking of points is a viable option for all Club Caribe members looking to save their points to use in the future. Those holding an annual membership can bank their points for up to five years, making it easy to work around busy schedules and life’s important events.  For our Biennial members, banked points can be saved until the next use year, at which time they will have to be used, but that still gives you plenty of time to plan an epic vacation at Villa del Palmar Cancun or any of the other luxurious resorts included in your membership.  

Don’t let October 31st pass you by. Contact ResortCom at 1-866-668-9261 and bank your points before it is too late, or simply remember to bank any remaining points each time you make a reservation.  Points can always be unbanked when you need them, this is just our way of making sure you have the flexibility and the freedom to create incredible vacation memories whenever you like.