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Club Time

It seems like only yesterday that Villa del Palmar Cancun was fully decorated and anticipating its New Year’s celebration, but already it is October and another New Year is just around the corner! This also means that it’s about time for planning the holidays, too! It’s more than likely that you have your vacations for the coming year mapped out, but have you ever thought about spending your Thanksgiving or Christmas (or even New Year) here with us at Villa del Palmar Cancun? It’s the kind of treat you’ll remember for a very, very long time!

Using Club Time to Extend your Benefits

By this point in the year, it is very likely that the average Club Caribe member has used the lion’s share of their allocated points, having made the most of their membership. However, if you are one such individual who has, at the last minute, decided that they would like to spend Christmas or New Year in Mexico then why not take advantage of Club Time!

As Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are among the only times of the year when a 7 night minimum is imposed on any stay, as well as the only time at which banked, borrowed or accelerated points cannot be used, Club Time could be your solution to spending Christmas in the sun. Club Time allows you to “rent” points to use in conjunction with your remaining points in order to make a reservation. This is a benefit open only to members and allows you to rent up to 50% of the required points for any vacation if you are an annual member.

The going rate for Club Time right now is $1.00 USD per point and you must make the reservation through ResortCom (1-877-722-4592) a minimum of 60 days before the day you want to start your vacation – which means you need to act quickly for Christmas 2015, while