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Congratulations to the Club Caribe team for another successful Annual Members Meeting!

The 2018 Club Caribe Annual Members Meeting was a great success. Our theme was “Havana Nights” and the events replicated the mood inspired by Cuba in its heyday. This was the first time our Annual Meeting was held at Garza Blanca Preserve, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the beauty of Puerto Vallarta while receiving informative updates.

We welcomed close to 100 participants this year to a meeting that offers opportunities for members to meet their Club and resort representatives as well as catch up with old friends and new. Meeting packets and gifts are provided to each member; this year’s conference gifts were “dress up” flowers and hats, Cuban-inspired fans with face mister, a thermos, and coffee that corresponded to the Havana Nights theme. With two days filled to the brim with events, the members left informed, enlightened, entertained, socialized and well fed.

The Annual Meeting itself is a business meeting designed to hold Club Caribe elections and present important information to the membership in attendance. The meeting featured updates on Club Caribe membership, the new Garza Blanca properties, Club Finances, ResortCom (Call Center) updates, programs and services offered by the resort, and Eagle’s Wings Foundation. Next year the meeting will be even more integrated into Garza Blanca Residence Club to be sure all business matters for both groups of members are addressed.

The Garza Blanca Resort staff created two outstanding parties. The first was a welcome cocktail party at the Orange Deck. Guests enjoyed live music played by the “Music For the Senses” group at the resort as they mingled with other members and staff. The grand finale of this event, the “Havana Nights” dinner and show, intrigued all attendees with beautiful themed décor, “Havana Nights” inspired dance numbers, live music and a three course dinner that transformed the Sierra Event Area into a mysterious getaway for all.