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Heads Up About Maintenance Fees

Your maintenance fees contribute to making sure that the luxury resort accommodations and facilities you have come to know and love remain as refined and magnificent as the moment you chose to obtain your membership.  Dedicated to quality, Club Caribe uses your maintenance fees to fine-tune your experiences on vacation and ensure that the breathtaking properties you are set to enjoy for years to come are held to the very highest excellence.


Making sure that you pay your maintenance fees on time is your chance to help towards the crucial upkeep of your valuable investment so that your vacation experiences are always exceptional.  Whether or not you use your membership of the property any given year, it is your responsibility to pay your share of maintenance dues in a timely fashion, as per the Rules and Regulations.  In order to help members avoid any penalty fees or interest caused by late payments, ResortCom Members Services Department has been enlisted to ensure you stay on top of your payments.  


The following dates are significant in regards to keeping track of when your maintenance fees are due, which can help you avoid falling behind and potentially having to forfeit your membership.



You will receive your maintenance fee assessments for the upcoming year.  In order to steer clear of delinquency, they will need to be paid by November 30th.  The first maintenance fee assessment for new members will be sent within 30 days upon the memberships being processed; payment will be required upon receipt.  


December 1   

If maintenance fees have not been paid by this date, they are treated as delinquent.  Members with outstanding assessment fees will promptly receive a delinquency notice, any requests for reservations will be denied and any upcoming reservations will be canceled.  Overdue fees will automatically be given a late charge of 12%.


January 1  

Any member with pending maintenance fees will be unable to use their membership, and a $75 reinstatement fee will be required.  


February 1

Maintenance assessments with an outstanding balance will automatically be charged an interest rate of 10% per year.  

Maintenance Fee Payments

To make paying your Club Caribe maintenance fees simple, you may call 1-866-668-9261 to arrange one of the following payment methods:

  1. Monthly with a credit card auto charge.*
  2. Four equal installments due November 30th, February 28th, May 31st, and August 31st.*
  3. One payment, via credit card (on-line or by phone) or by check, if so desired.


Address where you can send your check:

ResortCom International

P.O. Box 96058

Las Vegas, NV 89193

Be sure to provide your full name and membership number.