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Maintaining Excellence

Time flies! We are getting close to the end of the year again, so maybe it is time to start planning those last minute vacations or that last short getaway of the year. This time of year also means that your maintenance fees will be due soon, which aside from allowing you to start planning and booking ahead for next year’s idyllic vacations, have many other benefits.


Why prompt payment of your maintenance dues is important

Your maintenance fees are very important because they ensure the quality of all the properties that you have access to as a Club Caribe member, so everything is kept at the high standards

you deserve, as impeccable as the day you became part of our family. In other words, your maintenance fees work to protect your investment, keeping everything as good as new!

lobby at villa del palmar cancun

We want you to come and indulge in luxury from the moment you step foot in the lobby, all the way to your suite and into all outdoor areas. With these fees we are also able to keep these areas well preserved, in order to deliver outstanding beauty every time you visit your home away from home.

And what about a little fun in the water? Your maintenance fees went towards purchasing water sport equipment for you this year! So come on over and try our newest kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkel gear in the most beautiful, clear Caribbean waters?


Stay up to date

Don’t forget that it is essential that your maintenance fees are paid on time, before December 1st to avoid incurring any late charges. Remember that payment of maintenance dues isn’t dependent on your points usage, so make sure you bank any unused points. Paying your maintenance fees is really easy. You can pay online using a valid Credit Card, or by calling ResortCom Member Services, on 1-866-668-9261. If you’d rather, they can also assist you with setting up an Automatic Payment option with convenient monthly or quarterly payment options as well, so you never miss your payment date!