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Need More Points to Make a Reservation?

Everyone knows that the more points you already own, the more options you will enjoy when booking a stay, from choosing your ideal suite to customizing the length of your visit.  Unfortunately, it may not be possible to upgrade and purchase more points for an upcoming stay, especially if a special event is fast approaching and you wish to bring along more family members than usual or you wish to have more than one vacation this year.  Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to help you achieve the exact vacation you desire when you add points with the following techniques: Accelerating, planning ahead (Banking), Borrowing and using Preferred Points.    



Available exclusively to full members (rather than biennial members), acceleration allows you to use points from the back end of your membership.  If you would like to take advantage of this useful benefit, you must pay the associated maintenance fees as well as have at least 30% of your membership’s purchase price paid for.  Elite members will also enjoy the flexibility of using accelerated points over the holiday season should they choose to.



If you are able to plan in advance and know you will need more points in order to cover your stay in a specific suite or extend your visit, you can simply bank the points from one year over to the next.  If you would like to bank your points for the next year, it is crucial that you arrange it before the end of October every year.  You must also be up to date with your required maintenance fees.  All you need to do to bank your points is call 1-866-668-9261 and ask for this benefit to be activated on your account. For more information about banking points and the differences for annual and biennial members, click here.  



If you are not currently in a position to upgrade your membership, one great alternative for you is borrowing points from future years so that your reservation will still be covered.  A full annual membership ensures its members can borrow a full year’s allotment of Club points for as many as 5 consecutive calendar years in advance that can be used for the current calendar year.  The only thing required to do so is pay the maintenance fees.   

Biennial members are able to borrow from the allocation of their next use year.  Keep in mind that you may only use borrowed points during the holiday season* if you are an Elite member. For more information about borrowing points, click here.

Preferred Points

In addition to the points you already own, Preferred Points are bonus points that you may opt to use during the summer months between weeks 18 and 43 (May through October). Besides your annual Club Points allocation, these extra points are given to you as an incentive; in order to use them, you just need to pay for the prorated maintenance fees for the points you decide to use.** Click here to read more about Preferred Points.


It is clear to see that even if you are missing some club points necessary for your next dream vacation, there are several ways to make it a reality!


* Holiday Seasons

Christmas and New Year (2 weeks), Easter (2 weeks), Presidents Week and Thanksgiving Week.


** You may not use Preferred Points to stay at Hotel Mousai.