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Optional All Inclusive Membership

Did you know that you can make your membership all inclusive? As Club Caribe members you can use your annual Club Points towards paying for up to 60% of the cost of all inclusive meal plans to accompany your vacations through the Points Redemption Program. You will be able to enjoy fine dining privileges at all the resort restaurants* available to you as part of your membership. No matter which resort brand you choose — whether a Villa del Palmar or Garza Blanca resort or Hotel Mousai — you can add an all inclusive meal plan to your reservation.


Gourmet All Inclusive

Club Caribe members have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy all inclusive meal plans fit for gourmet connoisseurs. Redefining fine dining at a great price, our gourmet dining venues are designed to indulge everyone’s taste and take hotel cuisine to another level. The price of the meal plans vary somewhat depending on the resort you choose to stay at and range from just $105 dollars to $150 per day per person. Children aged under 12 pay half price.

Choose the days you wish

Many of you will want to have some vacation time where you are not at the resort all day, choosing to take tours and other fabulous activities. On these days, you may not wish to take advantage of an all inclusive plan, preferring to save your plan for the days when you will be enjoying the resort’s facilities. Therefore, you can book to have an all inclusive plan activated for your stay at the beginning, middle or end of your stay. The only requirement is that you enjoy a minimum of three consecutive days for all members of your party.

All Drinks included

All your drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, are included in this meal plan and cover national labels and some premium labels. You can enjoy a selection of signature cocktails, flavored and regular margaritas, standard tequilas, house brands, soft drinks, chilled juices and local brand mineral water, house wines and liquors.

Please remember that while all inclusive meal plans are available at all of the resorts offered by your membership, prices vary.

* Purchases at Palmita Deli are not included in the all inclusive meal plan.