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Points Flexibility Gives You More Choice

Points Flexibility Gives You More Choice

Our points based membership is designed to give our members as much flexibility as they need. We know that not everyone is the same, and while some people enjoy staying in the same type of unit at the same time every year, others would like to have the option to enjoy new experiences. Our points system allows you to do both if you wishThere are many ways that you can use your membership and the more club points you have, the greater your possibilities are.  

Your membership is designed to be easy to use and allows you to make changes according to your specific vacation preferences. With points based membershipthere are many ways to use your allocated club points whether you want to take a short break and stay in a big unit or stay in a smaller unit for a longer amount of time, or have several vacations in one year staying at different resorts. You can even use your points for meal plans, spa services and room amenities such as champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. 

We recommend that you take some time to look at your points chart and review the different scenarios open to you to see how you can play around with your pointsWe understand that sometimes having so many options is a lot to consider, however, knowledge is the key to making the best possible vacation decisions. Flexibility is our commitment to you, and all you have to do is decide how you want to take advantage of your points.   

If you require any assistance understanding your points and how you can use them, our knowledgeable agents will be happy to assist you and guide you through your options. You can call Member Services at 866 668 9261. 

We look forward to providing you with your next extraordinary vacation experience.