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Preferred Points Mean More Vacation

Did you know that you receive Preferred Points each year that you can use from May through October (weeks 18 – 43)? This means that you get to have more vacation time at Villa del Palmar Cancun without eating into your allotted club points.


What are Preferred Points?

Your Club Caribe Preferred Points are “free” points given to members each year in addition to your club points at no extra cost. All you have to pay is the prorated maintenance fees for the extra time you decide to spend on vacation, with the benefit that if you don’t use them, you do not have to pay anything at all. No matter what membership level you buy, your Preferred Points equate to double your annual points allocation per year (which for most full members equates to two full weeks).

Your preferred points can provide you with so many benefits.  Here are a few ways to maximize these benefits for more vacation time and even more flexibility!

Use them or Lose them

Remember that your Preferred Points sit in your account each year for you to use, so don’t forget to take advantage of them! You cannot bank these extra Preferred Points, so, if you don’t use them, you lose them!


Use Preferred Points For Summer Vacations

If you are planning summer vacations, consider using your Preferred points instead of your Clubs Points.  By using Preferred Points in the summer months, it allows you to bank your club points for the following year so that you can plan a longer vacation in the future or stay in a larger suite. The choice is yours!


Invite Friends and Family

Likewise, you can plan a bigger summer vacation with family and friends by combining your Preferred Points with your Club Points.  Book out several rooms for all your guests or indulge in a penthouse!  Imagine the luxury of lounging on your own private terrace overlooking the Caribbean sea or the whole family sitting down to dinner at a large dining room table. These are the memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Save your Club Points to Pay for Services

Use your Preferred Points towards your accommodation, freeing up your Club Points to use towards services through the Points Redemption Program, such as paying for all inclusive meal plans, spa services or groceries.

Escape for an Extra Vacation

Preferred Points are a great way to squeeze in an extra vacation when you have an opening in your schedule. Sometimes you just need to get away and what better place than to escape to your home away from home.