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Refer a Friend and Earn Rewards

One of the terrific advantages of enjoying Club Caribe membership is that you are able to obtain redeemable credits whenever you refer eligible family members or friends.  This opportunity is beneficial for both you and your loved ones, because you will be able to luxuriate in the rewards of your membership while your nearest and dearest get to delight in the phenomenal comforts you already love and appreciate at your own little slice of paradise.  


Today, you can enjoy the exclusive perks that come with taking part in the Club Caribe Owner Referral Program, which rewards you for all of the eligible referrals you introduce.  When your family members or friends attend a presentation, you will earn credits, and if they decide to purchase their own membership, you will receive even more rewards known as palmares!      

Registering your Friends and Family

The Owner Referral Program lets you register your family members and friends in three different ways so that you can start earning your credits.  Whichever method you decide on, you will need to call 1 877 261 0480 and register your guests for their stay and presentation.

Beachfront Rewards – Register Friends for a Discount Vacation

Couples registered through the program can take advantage of amazing savings on their vacation, with discounts totaling up to 68% off retail prices for a stay at a Club Caribe resort of their choice.  Call 1 877 261 0480 to register your referrals.

Bring a Friend

Your referral guests can stay with you with during your stay at a Club Caribe resort with the Bring a Friend program. To verify that your family members or friends are eligible, call 1 877 261 0480 90 days ahead of your check-in date with the details of your guests.


Send a Friend

Your referrals can use your time at a Club Caribe resort without you being present when you invite them through the Send a Friend program.  To verify that your family members or friends are eligible, call 1 877 261 0480 30 days ahead of check-in with the details of your guests.  

Using Your Credits

Once you have referred eligible family members or friends, you will begin receiving your credits, which may be used for a variety of things, including payment of your annual maintenance fees or toward the Points Redemption program.

Who Will Qualify as a Referral?

Your referrals must meet several qualifications in order to be eligible to attend a presentation.  They are required to earn an annual household income of $50,000 USD ($75,000 Canadian Dollars) and be between the ages of 35 and 70 years old.  Please note that couples and single women are more likely to be accepted for the program; and in the case of married couples, both spouses must attend the presentation together.


Be aware that this special program is designed with a limit of two sets of couples traveling together (including one guest couple and you as the member couple).  Regrettably, if you plan to travel in a group of three or more couples, you will not receive any credits.   


For more information or to clarify any of these points, please call today on 1 877 261 0480 or send us a message.