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Seasons at a Glance

Being clear about the seasons can help you to plan your vacations and make the most of your annual club point allowance. Knowing when you will need fewer points to reserve a particular unit can help you stretch your points to have one more vacation each year, or indeed plan ahead to make sure you have the points you need for the future.


When using your Club Caribe membership to reserve units at Villa del Palmar Cancun, Garza Blanca Resort & Spa and Hotel Mousai you need to remember that there are three different seasons: Summer, Winter and the Holiday weeks. The number of points required to reserve a particular unit in each of these seasons changes, with the Summer season requiring fewer points while the Holiday Season requiring more points as well as some other restrictions.


  • Summer: May through October (weeks 18-43)
  • Winter: November through April (weeks 1-17 and 44-50 except Holiday weeks)
  • Holiday Weeks: Christmas Week, New Year’s Week, President’s Week the two week of Easter, and Thanksgiving.


When should you visit?

Summer is perfect for people who enjoy hot weather and want to have fun under the sun. It is also very popular for families because that is when the kids are off school. Furthermore, many people take advantage of their Preferred Points to stay during the summer months, opting to keep their annual Club Points for stays during other times of the year. For more information about how to use your Preferred Points, click here.


Winter is the most popular season for our members to visit their home resort, seeking sunshine, warm temperatures and golden sands to survive the cold winter months back home. You are reminded to make your reservations as soon as you know when you will be traveling to ensure you get the unit type that you wish during these popular months.


As you can imagine, the Holiday weeks are very much in demand and can only be booked using your annual Club Point allowance and may not be combined with borrowed, banked or accelerated points (although the top tier Elite members may use accelerated points) and reservations must start on a Saturday or Sunday for a minimum of seven nights. Don’t forget that, as with the Winter season, booking well in advance is recommended for these weeks.

Remember, paradise is waiting for you 365 days a year when you are a Club Caribe member, so it really doesn’t matter which season you wish to come; we are always ready for you.