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Summer’s Around the Corner – Use your Preferred Points!

As a valued member, you have probably already heard about Preferred Points or used them to make a special summer getaway even more spectacular. However, you might not have a thorough understanding of what your Preferred Points can do, which may lead to some confusion. To help clear things up for you, take a closer look as we explain how your Preferred Points can benefit you.

Preferred Points in a nutshell

In addition to the points that you already own, Preferred Points are extra optional points which can be used during the summer months from weeks 18 to 43 (May to October). For the average member, these points equal an additional two full weeks!


You might like to think of these points as a bonus on top of your annual Club Points allotment; in order to use them, all you need to do is pay for the prorated maintenance fees for the points you decide to use. What could be easier? You decide whether or not to take advantage of these optional points each year.

What else you should know

Your Preferred Points are an additional reward designed for the enjoyment of members like you. Anytime you choose to use your Preferred Points, you will simply pay the appropriate maintenance fees for the amount of points you use, not any more or any less. No need to worry if you decide not to use them, either. Preferred Points do not cost you a thing. While you do not have the option to bank or borrow your Preferred Points from one year to the next, you will be awarded a new allotment of Preferred Points every year.

Use Preferred Points to your advantage

Here are some tips for making the most of your Preferred Points:

Make summer vacations better with Preferred Points

When booking your summer getaway, rather than using your Club Points, which can be banked,  take advantage of your Preferred Points instead. You can then use your Club Points for another vacation during the winter months or bank them for future use. You can also use your Preferred Points in conjunction with your Club Points to create an unforgettable summer vacation in a larger suite which can accommodate a group of friends or family members.

Pay for services using your Club Points

When you choose to use your Preferred Points to cover your accommodation, you can then use your Club Points to pay for 50% of the fees for services through the Points Redemption Program, allowing you to opt for goodies such as spa services, an all inclusive meal plan or other special treats.


Enjoy Extra Vacation Time

One of the great perks of your Preferred Points is that you can enjoy a getaway in paradise without the need to use your allotted time. Alternatively, you could choose to invite a pal along with you to spend some time basking in total relaxation.


Now that you know just how wonderful your Preferred Points can be, you can look forward to even more vacation perks!