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The Main Point of Points

Have you ever compared your Club Caribe timeshare membership with friends or colleagues at work and realized that you really have the best deal? You might have noticed that some memberships are fixed week timeshares or rotating weeks, while your Club Caribe membership is based on points. So why points? One word.  FLEXIBILITY.  Here are the main reasons to enjoy your points and the freedom that comes with them!


  1. No blackout periods.  

Do you often travel at different times of the year and don’t want to be restricted to set dates?  With Club Caribe, you can use your yearly allowance of points in any season and at any time of the year.  The old system tied you down to specific times for your vacations, while with points you can use a few more more or a few less points depending on the time of year you want to travel. Even the holidays can be within your reach!


  1. Different size suites.

Would you like to stay in the penthouse for your next special occasion or escape with your partner without the kids?  Your points allow you to stay in any of the suites we have so long as you have the points to cover your stay.  This means that if you have a special occasion, you can stay in a more luxurious and roomy suite or get away in a cozy Junior Suite for two.  The size determines the amount of points you would require for your stay. For special occasions you could also bank or borrow points for a more luxurious suite.


  1. Any length of time.  

Did you get some extra vacation time this year?  Planning an extended trip?  Not to worry.  The points system allows you to stay longer. All you have to do is use a few more points and you can make a longer and more relaxing stay a reality. On a similar note, the old system used to be fixed to a number of weeks per year in 7 day allotments. Now you can stay for a minimum of 2 days or as long as your points permit.


  1. Banking and Borrowing.  

With points, you can actually bank what points are left over to get extra vacations the following year or to pay for services through the Points Redemption Program (October 31st is the deadline for banking points). You can also borrow points and go on even more vacations during the current year! The choice is yours.


  1. Go anywhere in the world.  

Explore the world with your points! By exchanging your points plus a small exchange fee, we will open up a world of travel for you to go anywhere where our partner company Interval International can take you.


So why points? Because we listened to what our members wanted and gave it to them.  Points mean flexibility to travel whenever you want, stay in any size suite you want and stay for any length of time you want, with option to bank and borrow points as you wish and the ability to exchange your points for vacations around the world!  Points mean that you can custom make your vacations every year as your needs change and grow!  


Why not find out the details on how you can best use your points to get the very best and very most out of your program? Book an appointment with one of our representatives next time you come for a visit and we will be happy to show you how to make you points work hard for you to give you the luxury, quality and flexibility you deserve on your vacations.