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Upgrading Your Membership

At Villa del Palmar Cancun, we serve a large number of members with a variety of different needs, wants and desires. In order to fulfil our promise of providing one of the best vacation memberships in Mexico, flexibility is a key feature of our vacation ownership provision. Flexibility is not only limited to how you can use your club points but also plays a part in when and how you upgrade your membership as and when your personal circumstances change.


Tailored membership

All members’ needs are different and each solution can be tailored for your needs, which is why it is important to attend your Membership Update Presentation each time your arrive on vacation, so that we can make sure that your membership matches your needs and desires. The most important detail is your membership usage and matching your points allowance to your preferred vacation schedules.

Whether you normally travel in the winter high season to escape the freezing temperatures back home, or if you prefer to escape the desert heat during the summer months, or you can only get time off during the holidays, then different programs will be best suited for you.


Why should you upgrade?

Depending on where you first purchased your membership will determine your yearly points allowance and may affect your usage rights from one resort to another. Many people choose to upgrade to ensure that they have enough points to stay at any of the resorts in the group. Remember that members with the most points will have the greatest flexibility and choice.


Furthermore, some people start out with basic membership out of curiosity, purchasing the minimum number of points. Once we have earned their trust, and they have enjoyed the services offered, they find it is time to upgrade to a membership that really serves their needs and preferences. Many members find that by adding more vacation points, their vacation time becomes even more cost effective and fulfilling. Speaking to one of our specialists can help you determine the best way to truly fulfill your vacation needs.


How to Upgrade

The best way to upgrade your membership is to attend your update presentation at the resort so that you can consult with one of our member upgrade specialists who can help find the right upgrade package for you and your family. Likewise, you can upgrade at any time by calling ResortCom on 1-866-668-9261.

Come in and see us on your next visit to “trade in and trade up!”