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Where Can you Use your Points?

First of all, let’s talk about all the good things that come from having invested in a points based membership rather than a floating week or regular fixed week timeshare. The flexibility of a points based membership is much greater than what you might experience with traditional timeshare programs; it allows you to travel as you need, having the option to choose from all unit sizes and seasons.  You can also tailor the number of days you wish to spend on vacation depending on the points required for each resort, season and unit type.

Where can you use your points?

With such a flexible membership program, you have many ways to take advantage of all the benefits the company has to offer.  Tafer Hotels & Resorts with its Villa Group partners offer Club Caribe members nine resorts to choose from, covering different points of the Mexican Republic. Starting from west to east, you have Cabo San Lucas, Loreto (Baja California Sur), Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta and, of course, the tip of the Yucatan peninsula in Cancun. With this membership you have the benefit of using all the Villa Preferred Access membership properties, bearing in mind that the new Garza Blanca luxury resorts in Los Cabos and Riviera Maya are currently in progress, with Garza Blanca Los Cabos due to open first in 2018.

Are all the resorts the same?

All of our resorts have a distinct character but are united in their commitment to providing extraordinary experiences. Within industry ranking systems, the resorts range from 4 Star, to 5 Star, to 4 Diamond, to 5 Diamond. As such, the points required to stay in each of the resorts varies according to both unit size as well as the quality ranking of the resort.

Can you use your points for destinations other than Mexico?

With this membership, you have the ability to use your points to stay at other resorts worldwide by exchanges through Interval International. The way this works is that you reserve a week at a Club Caribe resort then exchange your booked week through Interval International.  Our links with Interval International provide even more flexibility so that you can vacation as you desire not only in Mexico but all around the world!