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Your Ever-Evolving Membership

What’s new at Villa del Palmar Cancun? Let us show you the updates at Club Caribe on your next visit.

If you haven’t been to your home resort in a while or even if you are just curious about what changes have occurred at Club Caribe since your last visit, why not join us for an update?

Schedule an appointment to speak to a representative when you arrive so you can find out the best ways to maximize your membership and enjoy some great discounts too offered by the concierge team.  


Why is it worth attending a presentation for updates?

Our Club Caribe specialists can answer all of your questions regarding the resort and all updates available to our members. We are here to provide a complete service to our members and keep you “in the know” on your membership.  At Villa Del Palmar Cancun we want you to feel as though you are pampered and cared for on every single visit to our resort.  Let our representatives support you and show you all we have to offer.


One on one guidance

Your membership has so many options that it is understandable that you may have questions and want to know how best to use your points.  Perhaps you have a specific situation you need to be addressed.   You may want some general information about your membership, or you may want some tips and tricks to get the most value from your points.  Our representatives will be able to assist you in all of these matters and more on your next vacation to Villa Del Palmar Cancun.

Stay up to date and take advantage of this personalized service on your next visit.  You will be glad you did and are sure to feel you are getting the most out of your membership at Club Caribe!  We look forward to your next visit so that we may assist you with any queries you may have about your membership.