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Your Points Redemption Program Just Got Even Better

We are pleased to announce that your Club Caribe’s Points Redemption Program has extended the percentage of the allocated club points that you can use towards paying for pre-ordered services. You can now use 100% of your available club points towards paying for up to half the cost of the services you order through the Points Redemption Program when you make your reservation.
Not only does your Club Caribe membership provide you with access to the best accommodations and beaches in Mexico, but you can also use your points towards services and added privileges. The Points Redemption Program gives members more choices, added luxuries, and a greater flexibility.


Now use 100% of your available points

Prior to this change, members could use 50% of their available club points to pay towards services such as spa treatments, grocery packages, meal plans and more. With this new extra privilege, members can use all of their annual points allowance and any or all banked and borrowed points to pre-pay for up to half the price of services and products at Villa del Palmar Cancun and any of the resorts covered by your membership when you make your reservations.
Our knowledgeable agents will assist you when you make your reservations and let you know what services are applicable for this program.


How to use your points for services:


Step 1: Start off by making your reservation with Resort Com by calling: 1-866-668-9261

Step 2: Choose the services and amenities you wish to add to your reservation

Step 3: Use your club membership points to pay up to half the cost of any luxury extras and services.

Please note that to take advantage of this service, it is preferable that you make your requests at the time of reservation or contact your pre-arrival service prior to your vacation.

What services can be paid with points?

When you call to make your reservation, the agents will provide you with assistance on the exact number of membership club points that you have and what services you can use the points for. There are a variety of services applicable for the Points Redemption Program; some of the most popular services include a fine dining all inclusive meal plan, spa treatments, flower arrangements, private chef, groceries and more.