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An Ecological Adoption: 2 Km of Beach

So you’ve heard of adopting stray puppies or even adopting trees; well, Villa del Palmar Cancun has gone one step further with #Adopta2KM. This new environmental program initiated by the five star resort targets the beach that extends in front of Villa del Palmar Cancun and the open spaces that surround the hotel in an effort to keep the whole area clean and free of debris.

Not only is the implementation of this ecological program intended to enhance the pleasure of our members and guests, it is also intended to help limit the impact modern life has upon the natural environment.

#Adopta2KM was successfully launched on August 1st when staff members took to the beach, picking up garbage, driftwood and other unsightly elements on the beach that surrounds the hotel. In a commitment to reduce pollution and waste on the beach and the surrounding areas, we are also making sure that the gardens and paths are kept in pristine condition so that visitors wishing to take a morning stroll or exercise along the beach or to the pier will enjoy a perfect encounter with nature.

The initiative is principally the responsibility of Villa del Palmar Cancun’s gardening department supported by teams of hotel staff who join them each weekend in brigades targeting distinct areas around the hotel and on the beach. The task of each brigade is to make sure that their assigned areas are free of trash and other unwanted objects with the intention of planting decorative trees, bushes and flowers in the future that will bring life and vibrancy to the areas directly surrounding the resort.

Besides ensuring the beauty of your home away from home, the activity is intended to promote greater awareness of the need to care for the environment, securing green spaces for future generations.