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Another Successful Club Caribe Members Meeting

We are pleased to report that the 2014 Club Caribe Villa del Palmar Annual Members Meeting was a great success. The meeting, which was open to all members, took place in May this year and marked the 3rd annual members meeting at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

The theme of our meeting for 2014 was “Explore the Possibilities!” and we are happy to share that we did just that. The event gave members the possibility to meet both Club Caribe and resort representatives as well as make new friends. We hope to make attendance at the Club Caribe annual members meeting in Cancun a new tradition for all our valued vacation owners.

Getting to Business

The primary purpose of the annual meeting is to hold elections, present relevant information and clarify common questions to those Club Caribe members who are able to attend. This year’s Club Caribe Annual Members Meeting featured informative updates related to your membership, such as management, financial aspects, services, the Villa Group’s sister resorts and much more. Roundtables gave an opportunity for members with more specific questions or those in need of individualized assistance to speak to representatives one-to-one.

Club Caribe members also received an introductory overview of the Eagle’s Wings Foundation, which is a charitable organization that raises funds for senior homes, orphanages, and other institutions that support the less fortunate and those with debilitating medical conditions in the destinations where the Villa Group have properties. 

Important News

An important part of the Club Caribe Annual Members Meeting was the Board of Directors election. We are pleased to announce the re-election of Robert Kistner, Carlos Aquino, Ron Van Denakker and Don Horton to the board.

Socializing with Like Minded Vacation Lovers

The annual members meeting offers our members the chance to get to meet one another and share Club Caribe experiences. This year during the Club Caribe Members Meeting, each member was given an authentic woven Mexican tote bag and personalized beach towel along with the conference schedule and information pack.

Club Caribe members enjoyed an official welcome cocktail party on the first night, held in the open air near the infinity pool, as the sun set behind the Villa del Palmar Cancun installations. Stringed instruments played subtle music in the background as appetizers and a distinctive molecular fusion cocktail were served while the lights of Cancun’s hotel zone and Isla Mujeres sparkled on the horizon. The grand finale came with a delicious buffet dinner party where Caribe Club Members were entertained by a professional pirate show and line dancing lessons.

For those of you who were not able to join us for the 3rd Annual Members Meeting in Cancun this year, we hope you can make it in 2015. You were missed!

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