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Architecture Competition for Neighboring Land in Puerto Vallarta

The purchase of 400 acres of lush tropical terrain located right next door to Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta can now be confirmed.  In order to decide the most original and eco-friendly way to develop this new site, an architecture competition is now being held, and members will be notified as soon as a final plan is approved.  


New Land for Eco-Conscious Development

The newly acquired land is situated on prime beachfront property looking out to the Pacific Ocean, converging with Garza Blanca’s current development.  As the land sweeps to the east, it joins the base of the Sierra Madre Occidental and features 400 acres of stunning terrain that includes rivers and waterfalls.


 Although the architecture competition is taking all types of creative projects into consideration, one of the biggest goals of the development is to highlight nature and the environment, favoring eco-friendly initiatives where possible.

A focus on the way humans connect with nature is of utmost importance, in addition to shaping special experiences for members, with possibilities including ecological theme parks, residential developments, pavilions and the like.


Architecture competition

The objective of this exciting architecture competition is to motivate enterprising architects and designers to put forth their most dynamic, cutting-edge plans for this new piece of land. The winners will be chosen based on their creativity and flair, allowing the award winning company to focus on leading the way in innovative architecture and design while helping members access remarkable experiences.  The competition’s winners will be announced in February 2017, and from there, more definitive plans will be put into motion regarding the new property.

These new developments prove there has never been a more thrilling time to be part of Club Caribe, and our esteemed members will be amongst the first to know how this project advances.