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Banda Santa Fe Livens up Villa del Palmar Resort with their Original Sound

Banda Santa Fe Livens up Villa del Palmar Resort with their Original Sound

At Villa del Palmar Cancun we want our members and guests to have the vacation of a lifetime and while it is important to us that you enjoy the best in luxury accommodations and gourmet cuisine, we also want you to be entertained.  

Seven years ago we started searching for the finest talent available to expand our entertainment offerings. We were looking for a Latin band who could play different sounds and enliven our spaces with their music. We discovered Banda Santa Fe in Cuba and were impressed by the percussions, harmony and rhythms of their music. We contacted their agent and invited them to come to Mexico and work with us for a year. We received such good feedback from the guests about how wonderful their music is that Banda Santa Fe is still working with us seven years later. You may have heard them playing around the pools or at the restaurants during your stay here.  

Sadly we have to say goodbye to the main leader of the band as he has decided to retire and return to his home country of Cuba, but we are happy to tell you that even though he is leaving, his son and granddaughter will stay behind to continue his legacy. His granddaughter is now the main voice of the band and she has brought a fresh, new sound. They host our Cuban night of music and salsa dancing once a week and are now a representative icon of our brand.  

We are very proud of our partnership with Banda Santa Fe and we look forward to a continuing engagement with them in order to keep offering our guests top-notch entertainment experiences not only with our musical offerings, but also with our other activities and events designed to entertain the whole family.