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Celebrate Independence Day 2016 in Cancun

Are you wondering how to celebrate the 4th of July this year, or maybe next year? Your home away from home at Villa del Palmar Cancun guarantees a wonderful celebration each year to mark this national holiday in the United States.


The Birth of a Nation

Each year as the United States celebrates its independence from the British Empire on July 4th 1776, you can expect great celebrations, fireworks, parades and festivities.
While many citizens of the United States may be accustomed to staying at home during this federal holiday to enjoy the party atmosphere, there is nothing quite like exerting your own independence and celebrating it in style at your second home in Cancun, where there will be no less pomp and ceremony for you to enjoy.


Celebrating comes naturally in Mexico

Join us at Villa del Palmar Cancun this year to spend a wonderful 4th of July vacation in the sun, surrounded by your second family. Throughout the whole month of July you can enjoy a gastronomic feast of flavors in honor of the United States as our chefs prepare some of the most iconic dishes from the US to complement the mouthwatering menus at the restaurants.


Don’t miss out on the biggest celebration so far this year at Villa del Palmar Cancun. What better way to celebrate independence than with a vacation?