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Finding Harmony at the Village Spa

Finding physical, mental and spiritual balance in this day and age can be a difficult task, but for the Village Spa team at Villa Del Palmar Cancun, it’s part of the daily experience.  In order to promote both wellbeing and a harmonious lifestyle for you, our members, it is important for each staff member who offers pampering treatments and greets you at the spa to feel relaxed and at their best.  That is why every month the Village Spa carries out different activities to keep our hardworking team at ease.
Through teambuilding workshops and healing therapies, finding harmony at the Village Spa is easier than ever.

Past months have seen the staff at the Village Spa bond together by taking part in activities such as sonotherapy, a specialized therapy session that utilizes vibrations and sounds to sooth every cell of the body, temazcales, traditional Mayan sweat houses designed to purify the body, and other cleansing traditions of the ancient Mayas that help to detoxify and cleanse the mind, body and soul.  Each activity, aimed at promoting better overall mental and physical health, has been met with enthusiasm by the Village Spa team, who is ready to not only reap the benefits for themselves, but to incorporate the teachings into the services they provide each day.


This month, the general harmonization of the Village Spa’s installations along with all of its staff was the main focus.  Under the guidance of Mr. Roberto Gopar, a professional in the field of sound therapy, the team worked to recover the inner peace that can sometimes be lost during long days at work and under the stresses of everyday life.  With the soothing sounds of traditional Mayan instruments and Tibetan bowls, Gopar led a series of meditations that allowed the group to find equilibrium and appreciation for life.

The vibrations of the instruments, well known for their healing qualities, created a moment of peace, tranquility and coexistence for the dedicated staff.  Eager and ready to return to the work that they enjoy so much, the professional therapists of the Village Spa have something new in their repertoire to help pamper each and every guest. See if you can notice its elevated ambience when you next enjoy the Village Spa.