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Interview with Mariana De la Luz Diaz, Social Media Coordinator

Mariana De La Luz Diaz shares what she loves about being the Social Media Coordinator at Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa in this exclusive Q&A  

Tell us a little bit about your career path?  

 I was born and raised in Acapulco, Mexico. I studied at Universidad del Valle de Atemajac in Guadalajara, Jalisco where I got my degree in Marketing. After graduation, I moved to Puerto Vallarta and took a position as the assistant to the General Manager at Garza Blanca Preserve. I had heard such wonderful things about TAFER Hotels & Resorts that I was excited to accept the position. I worked there as the General Manager’s assistant (Asistente de Gerencia General) for a year and a half before relocating to Cancun with my fiancé. While I was in Cancun, the Social Media Coordinator position became available and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to come back and work for such a great company. I went through a lengthy selection process and was ecstatic when I finally got the job in January 2020. 

 What do you love about working for Villa del Palmar Cancun?  

TAFER Hotels & Resorts is such a friendly company, with great benefits and job stability. I love working here and find pride in my work every day.  After the wonderful experience I had working for Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, I knew that I had to try to find a job here. And thankfully I found the perfect job for me and more importantly, it utilizes the skills that I learned in the career that I studied, which for me is a great achievement. I also love interacting with and talking to the guests, that for me is my favorite part. So, if you see me by the pool or the beach do not hesitate to talk to me and take a photo with me for our Instagram & Facebook page! 

 What do you do in your role as the Social Media Coordinator? 

I create and publish posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I respond to the comments on all the social media networks. I create stories for Facebook and Instagram. I take photos and videos to post them. I chitchat with the people who send us direct messages. I like to know more about them before their arrival, so I can share the details with Hotel Operations and let them do their magic! 

I spend time interacting with guests at the resort and help them improve their hotel experience. If they have any requests that I can help with, I will gladly do so. I am committed to my work in the company and to the service and well-being of our guests.  

Even though this is your passion it must be exhausting, what do you do to revitalize yourself? 

I always try to take care of my diet, I drink a lot of water, I have my 8 hours of sleep. It sounds cliché but I also really love eating tacos, every kind of taco possible! I enjoy watching old movies from both American and Mexican cinema. My favorite American actress is Audrey Hepburn and I adore Pedro Infante, for me he is one of the greatest actors of Mexican cinema. I have my own blog and I publish posts about things that I like: fashion design, trends, fine dining, skin care and all that girly stuff. I’m also busy planning my wedding to my fiancé, who I love with all my heart.  

What does Cancun mean to you? 

I have been coming to Cancun on vacation with my family ever since I was little, and I always loved it. And now that I’m doing my adult life here, I am really enjoying it. Cancun has so much to offer for both tourists and locals, not to mention how beautiful it is. 

What do you recommend for members and guests to do when they visit Cancun?  

I recommend that they explore the Riviera Maya as much as they can. It is a Mexican paradise full of flavors, places and experiences to remember. From the beautiful Caribbean beaches, to the Mayan jungle with its impressive fauna and flora. 

It is a wonderful and fun destination, whether you come with family, friends, your partner or alone. You can go anywhere – to a cenote, to the island that is just in front of Villa del Palmar, Isla Mujeres is beautiful! Tulum is an absolute must!