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My TAFER Backpack

Being an outstanding student is not easy and requires a lot of effort, discipline and dedication. For this reason, for the past 3 years TAFER Hotels & Resorts has recognized the children of staff members who have an average above 8.7. 

The school system in Mexico works slightly differently than in the United States or Canada. Whereas in the US and Canada an A+ grade is the highest and an F grade is the poorest, in Mexico they use a number system for grading. One is the lowest grade and 10 is the highest. Students must get at least a 6 to pass the subject.  

Also in the US, schools are typically divided into three levels: elementary (grades K to 5), middle (grades 6 to 8) and high (grades 9 to 12). In Mexico, schools are also divided into three levels, but they work slightly differently too. Here there is primary (grades 1 to 6), secondary (grades 1 to 3) and baccalaureate (grades 1 to 3). The grades start at 1 again at each new school.  

For the top performing children of the staff, who have worked for TAFER Hotels & Resorts for at least a year, they are rewarded with a special kit including a backpack with our company logo, school supplies and all the necessary materials they need to continue to get the best grades in school. Our hope is that this kit will allow them to continue to stand out in their class and inspire them towards a bright future. 

At a small meeting with our executive committee, the special kits and backpacks were presented to the parents with the top performing students. With the help of the food & beverage team, we made the event extra special with some tasty treats and delicious sandwiches.  

The support applies to primary levels (from the second year), secondary and baccalaureate. 

In addition to the delivery of backpacks for the 72 boys and girls that were selected this year, where it is worth mentioning that 33 are boys and 39 are girls, the best averages of each school year are also recognized. This year the awards will go to: 

David Alejandro Jimenez Cortes 9.90 Primary Grade 2  
Aaron Alessandro Beh Ramirez 9.90 Primary Grade 3  
Fernanda Isabel Canul Panti 9.50 Primary Grade 4 
Ruben Santiago Rosas Rosado 9.90 Primary Grade 5 
David Valencia Gonzalez 9.90 Primary Grade 6  
Santiago Trujillo Canul 9.70 Secondary Grade 1  
Jonathan Karel Valencia Gonzalez 9.80 Secondary Grade 2  
Emili Nataly Ake Chim 9.80 Secondary Grade 3  

We are proud to be able to contribute a little help so that these children continue their education and become the great professionals of tomorrow. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”  

-Nelson Mandela