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New Dishes to Devour at Zamá

There is always something new to enjoy with your Club Caribe membership, and this summer Zamá Restaurant has some special treats in store to tempt your tastebuds and delight your appetite.

Zamá’s cheery Mexican chef, José Alfredo Bazán (or simply Bazán, as everyone calls him) has added some fresh novelties to the extensive lunch menu to be served under the giant palapa restaurant at the heart of Villa del Palmar Cancun. Looking to create a more casual lunchtime experience, Bazán has prepared some additions to the menu that are perfect for sharing, as well as, Mexican favorites to get your mouth watering.

Bazán’s culinary magic is set to enhance the lunchtime menu with some fun, fresh dishes including fajitas with style, quesadillas to die for and barbecue chipotle chicken and enchiladas that will make Zamá your favorite restaurant. Club Caribe members can rest assured, however, that your favorite Zamá dishes like the fresh ceviche, fish and shrimp tacos, and the delicious Chilpachole, a sensational seafood soup, still remain in their rightful place on the menu.

You will also get to try traditional Mexican mole, which is a tasty sauce made from a range of ingredients including nuts, chocolate, chilies, seeds and tomatoes. For mole, the nuts and seeds are generally roasted or toasted and then ground with other ingredients to make a thick paste that is often used to accompany chicken, meat or vegetables. Bazán shares his mother’s mole recipe, passed down through generations, when you order Zamá’s enchiladas (vegetable or chicken). For less adventurous taste buds, you can also order the enchiladas with a mild green chili sauce.

Club Caribe members with special dietary requirements can discuss their needs with Bazán personally so he can cook up something special just for you.

Chef Bazán’s Lunchtime Recommendations:

  •    Chilpachole (Hot Seafood Soup)

  •    Mole Enchiladas

  •    Mero al Tikinxic (Yucatecan Style Fish)