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October Wellness 2019

October Wellness 2019

At Villa del Palmar Cancun we are very excited to bring you once again our event dedicated to health and wellness, this time commanded by Giselle Sedinger our current spa manager, who recently joined the Tafer family.

As in previous years, October Wellness 2019 will feature weekly programs during the month of October, with numerous daily wellness activities such as yoga, zumba, aqua zumba, barre, aerobics, Tabata training (high intensity interval training developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata), boot camp, and stretching led by our staff yoga instructors together with special guest instructors. 

Additionally this year we are incorporating a series of special activities including healing, meditation and detoxification rituals taught by Village Spa and its staff at no cost, to pamper our guests and help you connect with your internal being. 

Meet the Instructors

Oscar Resendiz – Yoga Instructor at Villa del Palmar

Oscar has been our in-house yoga instructor at Villa del Palmar since October 2018.


“The path of yoga in my life has been a timely healer and liberator that has given me purpose and direction,” Oscar says. “Since I can remember, I have always found myself attracted by all the spiritual introspection and the search for internal wealth, which led me to the path of yoga as a means to find that inner wealth that reveals its purpose and opens the way to achieve it.”


Lina Muñoz – Yoga Instructor at Villa del Palmar


Lina is a Thai Massage Instructor and Certifier, Yoga Instructor specializing in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Meditation and Hatha Yoga. She is also out of one of our therapists at the Village Spa. 



Kim McMurren – Fitness Instructor


Kim is a certified personal trainer through FiTour, as well as a certified group exercise instructor (AFAA) and ignition instructor. She is an expert in Boot Camp training, Kettlebell, Tabata, circuit and cross training, as well as strength training and central stability. She likes to introduce people to her passion for a healthy, safe and fun lifestyle, and encourages everyone to stay ACTIVE!


Salila Thuy – Nurse & Yoga Instructor 


Salila’s diversified medical experience includes volunteering at Florence Fuller in Boca Raton, Florida and on the postoperative floor of the Regional Hospital of Boca. She graduated in nursing from Chamberlain University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and is currently working in a Surgical Unit as a Registered Nurse. As for her yoga training, she received her 200-hour E-RYT training certificate at Yoga Journey in Boca Raton, FL with Leslie Glickman.


Bonnie Ringer – Yoga Instructor



Bonnie is an experienced practitioner of Yoga and Healing Art Therapy, and a Meditation Instructor since 1986 when she began her personal practice. She created Bonnie Shala Yoga in New York and teacher training workshops throughout the East Coast. She has also taught throughout the world. Known for her artistic and inspiring yoga classes, remarkable intuition and accessible philosophical teachings, all of her achievements have come to her through arduous work, dedication and fierce determination. She is also deeply spiritual and uses this connection to help her healing practices where appropriate and welcome.


Naya Rappaport – Photographer, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher and Social Media Personality


Naya is a well known fitness instructor originally from the Dominican Republic. She is a popular yoga instructor on Instagram, as is her influential partner Liz Crosby. Naya is a member of the famous list of fitness instructors. Yoga fan and influencer known on Instagram for displaying yoga poses to more than 270,000 followers. She has also offered online classes on her blog Nayitavp.