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Perfect Plate for a Perfect Experience

Have you found yourself curious about how every beautifully plated dish that is served in top restaurants manages to be so deliciously flawless?  At Villa del Palmar Cancun, discover how your gourmet eateries are continually perfecting palate-pleasing dishes for you to savor.


Perfect Plate

Launched with the purpose of raising the already high standards of its onsite gourmet restaurants, Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Perfect Plate program reflects the dedication of the resort to create outstanding experiences that will leave you breathless.  Along with other existing programs—Perfect Room and Perfect Restaurant—, the Perfect Plate program has been established to make sure every experience at your resort is top notch.  

Finest quality

The objective of the Perfect Plate program is to ensure the dishes served in the restaurants are of the finest quality.  Focusing on world-class presentation and preparation methods plus the use of the freshest superior ingredients, this program strives to exceed our already extremely high standards.  Spectacular dishes begin with high quality products, which is why the restuarants work with the best suppliers in the industry to provide fresh, clean, flavorful ingredients.

From there, each dish is cooked and presented according to our specific procedures which include checklists at each workstation to ensure everything is just right.  Going even further, the chef prepares a dish every day and presents it to the staff to remind everyone what it should look and taste like, including a quick description for the cooks and waiters.

A Passion for Fine Cuisine

Another important element of the Perfect Plate program is the process used to include a dish on our menus, which begins with a series of tests.  We start by choosing the ingredients that will be part of a dish, focusing on as many fresh local ingredients as possible as well as fine products that meet our rigorous standards.  From there, the chef will get started on creating just the right combination of flavors, textures, aromas and visual art for each dish.  These culinary delights are then presented to a certification committee which includes fellow chefs from the resort’s other restaurants and the management team, as well as the owner of the resort and his family.  

Certified dishes

Every dish must go through a certification process that assesses taste, temperature, visual presentation, quality and the overall experience a dish offers.  If, and only if, a dish passes this certification process, it will be reviewed as a possible menu item.  Of course, our members’ opinions matter greatly to us, and we believe you should be able to share them with us to help refine our dishes!  That is why we invite you to leave a review about your dining experience following your meal on one of the restaurant’s iPads that is brought to your table, which will allow the chef to review your suggestions and comments.  You will be able to express your thoughts on the dishes you tried and tell the chef if your dish was too cold, too hot, too spicy, too salty, etc.  Your honest opinion plays an essential part in our dishes becoming their absolute best.  

Business man with digital tablet restaurant

The next time you enjoy a dining experience with us, let us know what you think by sharing your comments through the Perfect Plate program or leave a positive review on TripAdvisor.