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Perfecting Perfect

Improvements are on the way at Villa del Palmar Cancun to ensure that your experiences are as luxurious as the day you purchased your world class vacation club membership at one of Cancun’s most impressive luxury beach resorts. A number of improvements have been announced for Villa del Palmar Cancun which included the stylish renovation of Zamá restaurant and a brand new lunch menu as well as pool repairs and improvements.



Zamá will be receiving an elegant facelift throughout October and November 2016, which will include a new roof and brand new furniture. Zamá’s iconic roof sits grandly like the hat of an ancient shaman and is a focal point at the resort as well as a favorite among both members and hotel guests alike. As such, great care will be taken to ensure that Zama´s renovations are carried out as quickly as possible without compromising on quality and style. Upon reopening, you will also be able to enjoy a brand new lunch menu.


Swimming Pools

Besides maintaining the pools on a regular basis, from time to time more extensive repairs need to made at Villa del Palmar Cancun. During October and into November, your expert maintenance team and contracted pool experts will be ensuring that all of the mosaic pool tiles are resealed and any loose or missing tiles replaced, while the main pool deck will be renovated with new Italian ceramic tiles and furnished with more new lounge chairs.

The Elite Pool is scheduled for tile repairs during December, although a specific date has yet to be decided and may be postponed until next year.