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Personal Triumphs Captured in a Comic

If you have enjoyed being a Club Caribe member for any length of time, you are probably in no doubt by now that your membership is like being part of one amazing family. The staff you interact with and those working on your behalf behind the scenes are an integral part of creating that family atmosphere at your home away from home. To acknowledge and celebrate some of the personal triumphs that staff members have experienced, you can now enjoy a bi-monthly comic called “Ciudad del Mar” [City by the Sea].


Ciudad del Mar

The first edition of the staff comic was launched in May this year with the intention of circulating the publication amongst staff and club members. It portrays the real life stories and challenges of the individuals who aim to make your vacations extraordinary each and every time you use your membership.

Handwork, dedication and teamwork

The Ciudad del Mar comic has one main goal: to illustrate the life of a typical family, one that is representative of any number of the staff members who work at the resorts you call your home in Mexico. The stories follow how these individuals overcome the challenges that life brings them through hard work, dedication, teamwork and love. Every issue portrays some kind of personal achievement that has been inspired by the real-life experiences of one of our co-workers. Ciudad del Mar is a tribute to our great teams working to make your Club Caribe membership one to be proud of.


Creative storytelling

While all the stories presented in Ciudad del Mar take real-life situations as their base, they are enriched by a good dose of creativity with a strong fictional element agreed on by the real-life protagonist. We know that every person has a special story to tell, so staff members are invited to share their tales and anecdotes to inspire our subsequent editions.


We would like to invite members to read the latest edition of the comic by clicking here, or you can pick up a copy on your next visit to one of your resorts.