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AAA 2020 Diamond Lists Unveiled

On February, 20th, 2020, AAA announced the unveiling of the 2020 Four and Five Diamond lists, which are based on inspections that occurred in 2019. TAFER Hotels & Resorts is proud that three of our hotels have made the list again for 2020. It is a true honor for TAFER Resorts to be on this list, which recognizes the best hotels in the hospitality industry.  

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Villa del Palmar Luxury Beach Resort & Spa in Cancun is on the AAA 4 Diamond list for its second consecutive year. Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta has received a 4 Diamond designation for its sixth year in a row. AAA Four Diamond designated hotels must meet the criteria of being refined and stylish with excellent service. In 2020, just 1,718 hotels made the Four Diamond list, which represents a small percentage of the 27,000 AAA Diamond lodgings evaluated.  

Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta (for guests 18 and over) made the 5 Diamond list for its sixth successive year. Just 119 hotels made the 2020 Five Diamond list and Hotel Mousai is honored to be among this exclusive group, representing only 0.4% of the total.  

Having three of its hotels named on the AAA 4 and 5 Diamond lists for 2020, reflects TAFER’s mission to continue to merge excellence, quality, and creativity and provide extraordinary vacation experiences. 

AAA is a non-profit association (formerly known as the American Automobile Association) with over 60 million members. Each year, AAA sends out its qualified inspectors to evaluate hotels across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. They give diamond ratings to help travelers understand the overall quality of the property and level of service they can expect in order to make informed decisions.  

To earn the coveted AAA Five Diamond designation, hotels and restaurants must pass a thorough evaluation that includes anonymous in-person inspections, unannounced overnight stays, and finally a review by a panel of experts.  AAA inspectors evaluate the hotels on comfort, cleanliness, decor, service, amenities and safety.  If the hotel meets the criteria to be diamond certified, then the inspector must assign a diamond rating. All hotels with a Diamond rating are re-evaluated annually to ensure they maintain the standards for which the Diamonds are awarded.  

All AAA Diamond rated hotels are classified as good hotels recommended for travelers. As you can see from the small percentage of hotels that made the AAA Five Diamond 2020 list, the Five Diamond designation is the hardest to achieve. Hotel Mousai is the only AAA Five Diamond awarded property in the state of Jalisco. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Five Diamonds are better than Four Diamonds. The main difference is that the more diamonds a hotel has, the more luxurious it is.  

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What the Ratings Mean  
The AAA classification is based on categories ranging from Approved to Five Diamonds, which indicate the quality of service, level of hospitality and range of facilities and amenities available to guests. 

  • Approved – Meets the industry-leading standards of AAA inspections. 
  • Three Diamonds Range of amenities, stylish decor and high level of comfort. 
  • Four Diamonds  Luxury accommodation, extensive amenities, high standard of service and impressive design.  
  • Five Diamonds Unsurpassed luxury, complete range of amenities and services, impeccable standard of service. 

TAFER Resorts remains committed to maintaining these high standards and will continuously work hard to receive the coveted AAA Diamond Awards for each of our resorts. We thank our talented and dedicated staff for helping us to consistently exceed expectations and achieve hospitality excellence in order to earn such recognition and keep receiving these esteemed awards.   

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