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TAFER Resorts Launches Signature Line of Linens and Mattresses

TAFER Resorts are known for their exceptional quality in all areas, from location to service to design. In our quest to constantly improve our services and accommodations to provide the best possible guest experience, we are excited to announce that TAFER Resorts will launch its own signature line of mattresses and sheets.


Our goal is to control the quality of beds and linens across all of our hotels, in order to best provide our guests with exceptional nights’ sleep in every property. This is one way that we will distinguish TAFER Resorts above other hotels: beds and linens in every TAFER Resort will be of the utmost quality, and consistent from one property to the next.

For the mattresses, we evaluated many designs and new technologies in hotel mattresses, such as the amount of independent springs needed in a mattress so that the movement of one person does not impact the comfort of the other, balance between softness and firmness of the mattress, fibers with anti-flame treatment, Memory Gel technology, and other factors.


For the sheets, we asked our guests to identify what qualities they prefer in linens, and what impact the linens have on the comfort of their stay. From the results of these surveys, we found that composition and texture of sheets is very important to our guests. We decided to use the same high-quality composition and texture for all sheets in all of our different properties, so that our guests can recognize the quality when visiting any of the TAFER hotels. The only difference will be the design of the sheets, which may vary slightly according to the concept, colors and identity of each hotel.

You can rest assured that our goal is to exceed the expectations of our guests not only in service but in all the components that make up your stay. We hope you will enjoy the new TAFER line of mattresses and linens. We invite you to come stay with us and try them out.