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The Perfect Room for Perfect Vacations

Operating a luxury resort and making sure that it remains in the perfect condition to provide those wow moments each time our members visit presents very real challenges that require the expertise of a highly organized and talented team. As such, the Perfect Room program is part of our commitment to providing inspiring experiences for each and every one of our members each and every time you arrive.

High Standards, High Satisfaction

The maintenance and housekeeping of a luxury residence club resort requires more attention than simply replacing pieces of furniture and painting a few walls, it requires the love and commitment that you would shower on your own home.

The Perfect Room program plays a significant role in our on-going commitment to high standards and luxury. By dedicating time to the regular maintenance of your property, we can also avoid more expensive remodelling projects, protecting your investment for you and your family.

The Perfect Room

In order to ensure that each suite reaches our “perfect room” standards, there are several steps involved:

– auditing of suites

– preparation of any necessary equipment, tools and resources

– the transformation process

– delivery of a perfect suite

A number of distinct departments are involved in this certification process, including the hotel’s senior management team, maintenance crew, housekeeping department and Premium Services, all of whom are focused on one mission: to provide the best service and enjoyment for our members and guests.


The Perfect Room project focuses on the cleanliness and functionality of the suites, taking into account the common issues that can arise at resorts located in a tropical destination. Everything from the fragrances used to freshen the suites to the physical condition of furniture, linens and appliances is taken into consideration.


The housekeeping staff in charge of the project continuously inspects each unit for anything that could inconvenience guests or prevent them from having the perfect vacation at Villa del Palmar Cancun.


In order to meet the high standards set out by the Perfect Room project, each room must be in flawless condition.  This means that all furnishings, surfaces and articles must be free of dust, stains, chips or defects.  The linens, furniture and amenities are free of any mold or irregularities that can accumulate in tropical settings and the room is void of any issues that might cause any undesirable odors, such as faulty plumbing or mildew.

As valued members, you can also help us keep your home as beautiful as the day you purchased your membership by informing reception of any details that you feel need our attention. That way, no detail is left uncovered.