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Updates during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Through this crisis, our teams haven’t lost their passion for hospitality and service. It is this passion that characterizes us. We are going to get through this together, and come out on the other side better than ever.  

Right now, the resorts are closed to the public, but TAFER Hotels & Resorts is using this time during the COVID-19 pandemic to update, refresh and renew our resorts.  

Small crews of essential workers are working every day to clean, upkeep and sanitize the resorts and are also providing general maintenance.  They are busy sanding, varnishing, painting, retouching, and repairing, so that when it’s time to travel again, we’ll be ready for you!  

At Villa del Palmar Luxury Beach Resort & Spa Cancun, we have different brigades hard at work including: 

  • Perfect Room brigade: They are busy making every room perfect. 
  • Rooms brigade: This brigade is working on specific tasks, cleaning all the ACs, checking all the electrical installation of the units, making sure the TV is functioning, the sliding doors to the terrace, etc.  
  • Painting brigade: There is a specific team focused on painting different areas of the resort. 
  • Room Planters brigade:  We are replacing all the plants in the room planters. 
  • Restaurants brigade: This team is dismantling the kitchens to clean them and make repairs. 
  •  Floors brigade: This team is sealing the floors around the resorts and pools 
  •  Beach brigade: They are responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the beach areas. 

Rooms Division 

  • Deep cleaning brigade: This is team dedicated to specific tasks of deep cleaning of Jacuzzis, fabrics and furniture, and terraces. 
  • Rooms 2 brigade: This team is providing daily cleaning to all units. Each unit is cleaned every 3 days. 
  • Polishing Brigade: This team is polishing room floors, marble surfaces etc. 

Public areas 

  • Public areas brigade: They are providing deep cleaning to all the furniture in the public areas, polishing all the restaurant floors, and cleaning the fabric of the furniture in the restaurants. 

We are moving forward based on the requirements of governmental authorities in each destination, and we are following public health guidance to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

The following points are a general summary of our current policies and procedures for all TAFER Hotels & Resorts, including all Villa del Palmar Resorts, all Garza Blanca Resorts & Spas, Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta and Sierra Lago.  

  • Adherence to government regulations for each destination 
  • Constant cleaning and disinfection of public spaces 
  • Reinforcement and training of hand washing techniques for personnel 
  • Use of masks and gloves for food processing personnel 
  • Change from buffet to a-la-carte menu in hotels where buffet was offered 
  • Healthy distance between tables in consumption centers and staff dining room with reduced and controlled capacity 
  • Limitation of physical contact, avoiding handshakes, hugs, etc. Strengthening our institutional greeting with a hand on our hearts. 
  • Social distancing for personnel inside and outside the hotels, as well as between departments 
  • Use and implementation of sanitizing gel in all areas 
  • Adherence to global standards through providers like Ecolab 
  • Protocol of cleaning and protection by transportation companies that transport the staff to and from the resorts  

We will continue to make adjustments to the operations of the resorts as we get more information from the authorities.  

When the resorts reopen, all TAFER Resorts will have a doctor on staff to assess symptoms presented by employees, contractors, guests, residents or owners.  

The managers will be in continuous communication with all staff to reinforce safety measures and report new developments, as well as provide information, medical assistance, and timely follow-up to staff or guests who present symptoms. 

TAFER Resorts is Committed to Your Health and Safety  

Back in March, TAFER Resorts corporate sent a memo to department heads of all hotels, including General Managers, Human Resources, Housekeeping, Administrations, Operations and Security, which detailed the newest guidelines, control measures and infection prevention measures necessary to reduce the risk of transmitting respiratory illness both internally with our staff, as well as guests, members and owners. Department heads are responsible for training all staff when the resorts begin to reopen.  

We’re Waiting for You 

TAFER Hotels & Resorts is taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, and making sure that the resorts are safe for our reopening. Until we see each other again, we’re using this time to renew the resorts with love. We are very much looking forward to seeing you again in the near future, after the crisis is over, and when it’s time to travel again.  

To all our Club Caribe members, we are waiting for you, so when it’s time for your next adventure in Mexico, you will have an unforgettable experience. See you soon!