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When Santa Came To the Caribbean!

The holidays at Villa del Palmar Cancun for 2015 were certainly worth writing home about. Take a look at what happened at your resort to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the end of last year.

For Your Very Important Kids (VIKs)

The agenda over the holiday season 2015 at Villa del Palmar Cancun was full of wonderful activities and surprises, with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day topping the list. During the day on Christmas Eve, our Very Important Kids Club entertained the youngest members, writing letters to Santa, which were later sent off into the sky in balloons so that they would reach the North Pole in plenty of time.
To distract the children as they waited patiently for Santa to arrive the next morning, they were invited with their parents to the lobby terrace next to our 26-foot Christmas tree which was lit during our “Get Ready for Santa” event. Families were able to enjoy treats from the Candy Bar that served Christmas desserts specially prepared by our very own pastry chef, Rufino Nahuat.


We had a spectacular start to Christmas Day with all the kids at the resort excited about Santa’s arrival. The atmosphere was tense as the children waited by the beach looking into the sky to catch the first sight of Santa. Suddenly, the palm trees began to quiver and a bright red object could be seen circling overhead. Soon it was clear that Santa would be arriving to Villa del Palmar Cancun in style in his own red helicopter.

It then didn’t take long for Santa’s modern sleigh to land on the white sandy beach in front of the resort met by the happy smiles of children big and small. It was without a doubt one of the most memorable occasions.


For All the Family

The four a la carte restaurants at the resort offered a festive menu in addition to the delicious dishes that are usually on the menu, with turkey and all the trimmings, while Caprichos hosted a Christmas buffet.


For Your Staff

You may be pleased to hear that your team at Villa del Palmar Cancun were also able to enjoy the holiday season as they shared in a festive Christmas party known in Mexico as a posada navideña. These gatherings are typical in Mexico in the days running up to Christmas Eve.
As the hotel celebrated its 5th anniversary, the celebration included a three course meal, live music, awards and recognitions for all the “wow” moments staff members have been able to share with members and guests throughout 2015.

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