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World Cup Frenzie

Have you got your tickets yet? Siii! You’re heading to your home away from home to Villa del Palmar Cancun during the World Cup season. Who needs to cross the Atlantic to Russia for excitement, when you can head to Mexico where your passport gives you access to fun, tranquility, relaxation, good value and great food for you and all the family.


World Cup 2018

With the excitement of the World Cup almost upon us, support your favorite team as you relax in the sun. You can enjoy the soccer games from our various bars where our bartenders will be ready with your favorite drink. Mixing with people from all over the world at the resort can bring a whole new dimension to the global tournament. Friendly competition between nationalities can make for a fun vacation.

Mimic the great athletes

Time to exercise! For some of us, our regular routine leaves very little time for exercise. At Villa del Palmar Cancun, we provide a number of ways to tempt you to get the blood pumping while on vacation. During the day, you can join in different tournaments to practice your best shots and passes as part of our recreational activities program. Beach soccer brings a whole new element to the sport where the sea, sand and sun provide the perfect backdrop.

There’s no need to head to Russia for the World Cup, just come home to your second family!