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Advice for Buying Real Estate in Mexico

If you are looking for a great investment, buying real estate in Mexico could be a serious consideration. Not only is the property market in Mexico set to rise in the next few years, but there are many opportunities to be made from vacation rentals. However, when purchasing property with the view to renting, there are some key elements to be considered.

Take a look at this advice from Nicole Martin, Garza Blanca Signature Residences’ Sales Director in Puerto Vallarta about choosing property in Mexico that would be suitable to rent:

1.- Choosing the right neighborhood is vital

The neighborhood is vital when buying real estate in Mexico, especially if you are thinking about renting the property. You should always think about the requirements and preferences of the people that will be renting. For example, people who are looking to party and meet lots of new people will want to rent a place near lots of bars and nightlife, while those who seek the finer things in life will be searching for exclusive neighborhoods and gated communities.

A mature man giving his happy wife a piggyback at the beach

A mature man giving his happy wife a piggyback at the beach

2.- Amenities

The amenities that serve your property are very important when competing within the rental market. Many renters like to be near local attractions, beaches, restaurants, bars, pools and so forth. Buying real estate that is near commercial establishments is always an added plus. You don’t want the property to be too far from stores, gyms, or a cinema. Also, think about other services such as internet, satellite TV, cell phone coverage etc.


3.- Development, Modernization, and Growth

When you are looking at property to buy in Mexico, choose locations that still have room for development and modernization because this will affect how quickly the value of your purchase will rise. Buying in locations that are soon to receive new roads, airports and other services will positively impact your potential to rent your property in the future as well as increase your equity value in real terms.

4.- Safe and Secure

Vacationers want to rent a place that is safe. A gated community is always a popular choice for renters because of the 24-hour security that is provided. Off road parking is a favorable feature too, as is a safe and alarm system.

5.- Seek Out a True Professional

One of the best tips for making sure that your experience with buying or renting real estate in Mexico runs smoothly is to work with a true professional in the real estate industry. A licensed real estate agent can help you purchase the perfect property for your needs. They can also recommend a good property manager to administer your home while you are not in Mexico, so you won’t have to worry about the property when you are not in the country.
For advice on purchasing property for rent at Garza Blanca Signature Residences in Mexico, contact Nicole Martin on (52) (322) 176.0728 / or arrange a visit when you next use your club points to stay at Garza Blanca Resort in Puerto Vallarta.