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Can I Finance My Full Time or Fractional Purchase?

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In this month’s Real Estate article, we are going to discuss a question we often get from potential buyers here at Villa del Palmar Cancun: “Can I finance my purchase?”

Almost everyone falls in love with Villa del Palmar Cancun. What’s not to love? The breathtaking views? The meticulous attention to detail? The endless list of services available to our owners? Why wouldn’t someone want to own a vacation home here, a second home or even a retirement home? Being here and experiencing the service triggers emotions in people, and the thought of ownership is one step closer.


Many buyers who walk into the sales office don’t even ask for a tour of the property. They have already stayed in the condos, they have laid down by the pool or the beach, they have been waited on by the best in the industry. But “reality” kicks in, and people think – can I afford this?

A one-off cash payment might not be an option for everyone, and many buyers wonder if financing is available to purchase full ownership or fractional unit.


The simple answer is YES!

We offer two financing options, direct from the developer:

Option 1: You pay the 25% down payment, and the rest can be financed interest-free for 18 months.

Option 2: You pay the 25% down payment, and the rest can be financed for 10 years, plus 8% interest.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and make your dream a reality!