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Fractional Ownership Explained

The term “fractional ownership” may carry a host of preconceptions and misunderstandings, yet the notion is very simple. At Garza Blanca Signature Residences in Puerto Vallarta we bring unrelated parties together to share a residence they co-own, similar to the way countless friends or families own a vacation home together.

Simply put, you and partner owners share ownership of a residence in the same unit.  In the program at Garza Blanca Signature Residences, you own 1/12 of the property or more, which equate to 4 week allotments per year, with no limit on how many months your purchase.



For only a fraction of the price and without the worry or responsibility of full ownership, you will still have access to the same incredible residence at Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta plus all the amenities and benefits of the accompanying carefree lifestyle.  Seasonal residents, including repeat vacationers and snowbirds, will find fractional ownership to be an ideal real estate investment, which they can upgrade to full ownership at anytime transferring their equity.

This flexible system permits you to purchase as much time as you like to experience the beauty of your home away from home.

How the schedule works

A usage schedule for the residence is given to owners at the time of purchase. It will be easy to plan your next stay because the 4 week usage assignments automatically rotate each year during your season.

Owners may keep their scheduled dates or opt to exchange with fellow owners. As part of our Fractional Trade Program, owners may also exchange with other included resorts.

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Cost effective

Fractional ownership presents a practical opportunity to invest in a second home without getting in over your head.  Often, expensive single-owner vacation homes sit unused, while fractional ownership lets you spend money on a realistic time period in a luxurious home that might be out of budget if purchased outright. It is also a great way to invest a month at a time, as you can buy as many fractions as you like.

Fee simple Real Estate

The privileges and rights of owning real estate are yours.  With fractional ownership, you may share it with guests, encourage friends to use it, sell it at any price you like at any time, rent it out, will it to heirs and last but certainly not least, use it with loved ones as a favorite getaway.


Great investment

Just like whole ownership, if the value of the property appreciates, the shares do too.  The capital growth from this “brick and mortar” investment will be released if the fractional owners choose to sell.

Rental income

If for any reason you won’t be able to utilize your fractional residence, it can be rented out by Garza Blanca by request.  It’s a win-win: your home will not sit unused and the rental income can be applied toward your maintenance fees and taxes.  

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