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How to Plan a Move to Mexico

Do you dream of making a move to Mexico to live out a second youth? There are some things to consider if you have decided to move to Mexico. Anytime you move to a new country it involves some planning, so here are some important tips that will help you with your move to Mexico.

VISA Applications and Travel Arrangements

Foreigners who enter Mexico are given a 6 month Tourist VISA also known as a FMM Visa. However, if you are planning a move to Mexico, you should apply for a resident Visa for a longer stay.  It is recommended to get help from an immigration lawyer who will help you navigate the immigration process to avoid wasting time at the Immigration offices. Also, if you plan to fly when you move to Mexico, ensure all flight tickets and travel arrangements are secured ahead of time. You don’t want to run the risk of not being able to fly on the dates you want to.   

Ensure Passports Are Current

Did you know that your native country Passport must be valid for at least one year when you apply for a resident Visa if you move to Mexico? Therefore, if you find that your Passport is set to expire in less than 12 months after your move to Mexico, make sure you renew your Passport prior to applying for a Mexican resident Visa. Also, check the expiration date of your  Driver’s License. If possible, it is a good idea to renew your Driver’s License before you leave your home country. Mexico does not require you to have a Mexican Driver’s License to legally drive if you move to Mexico, so a valid driver’s license from your home country will be sufficient at first. Later, you can apply for a Mexican driver’s license at your convenience.

Do You Have Pets?

Do you plan to bring along your beloved pets on your move to Mexico?  Cats and dogs can be brought into Mexico, but you must be sure that each pet has the required vaccinations and health papers. A valid Health Certificate must be issued by an licensed veterinarian for each pet. Also, proof of vaccines against rabies and distemper are required to be administered at least 15 days before you move to Mexico with your pet. As of current, only cats and dogs can be brought into Mexico under these terms. If you have other pets such as rabbits, snakes, birds, etc, that you want to bring with you on your move to Mexico, you will need to apply for special import permits and pay additional fees ahead of time.

Move to Mexico Checklist

Make a checklist of what items you definitely want to take with you on your move to Mexico,  and think about what you can leave behind. Some people decide to have a garage sale or donate extra items that they don’t want to bring. A move to Mexico may give you a nice opportunity to declutter your life, and streamline your material possessions.  In general, all the basic necessities and some luxury items can be found at stores within Mexico. If not, Amazon Mexico now delivers to Mexico so you can also order items that you can’t find in stores, and have it delivered right to your door.

Book Accommodation Ahead of Time

It is important to book your accommodation arrangements well in advance before you move to Mexico. Depending on what time of year you plan to move to Mexico, don’t wait until the last minute or you will end up spending extra money on temporary housing or a hotel. If possible, temporary housing with a month to month lease is ideal so you can decide how you like the area before you commit to a long term lease or purchase Mexican real estate. There are lots of high quality Mexican real estate properties available at a fraction of the price that you would pay in the United States or Canada. After you move to Mexico, it is a smart move to consider purchasing a full ownership or fractional ownership Mexican real estate property. Affordable and luxurious beachfront Mexican real estate is one of the top reasons why expats decide to move to Mexico.


If you want to move to Mexico, take time to make a checklist and plan ahead.  Ensure that your Passport and Driver’s License are valid, and make all travel and accommodations reservations ahead of time. Also, if you want to take pets with you when you move to Mexico, have their vaccinations up to date and get a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. This is an exciting time of your life so make the most of each moment. Are you ready to move to Mexico?